Translation of crackpot in Spanish:


chiflado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrækˌpɑt/ /ˈkrakpɒt/

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    chiflado masculine informal
    chiflada feminine informal
    chalado masculine informal
    chalada feminine informal
    a crackpot idea una idea descabellada
    • It's a site dedicated to ‘cranks, crackpots, kooks, and loons on the Web.’
    • There George, who appears throughout as himself, interviews a series of crackpots and misfits.
    • Interesting to know the science and/or psychology behind the crackpots and their talking pots.
    • You're the people who've got criminal crackpots sitting on human-rights panels.
    • The sign likened protest zones to ‘a safe haven for crackpots.’
    • People on either side of this ‘argument’ are not crackpots; they are people with opinions, just like Harvey.
    • I seem to be the risk-free venture with certain crackpots.
    • They can make even the most demented crackpots seem so… civilized.
    • These women aren't crackpots or die-hard new-agers, however.
    • He worked for the Institute, home to various crackpots.
    • We wondered if our neighbors would think it was the work of crackpots.
    • I know who these crackpots are and I couldn't be happier that somebody is standing up to them.
    • There have always been conspiracy crackpots; nothing new there.
    • Then there are crackpots and malcontents, and people who have been genuinely burned by the Bahamian experience.
    • Even the crackpots who vented at him received polite and gracious counter-arguments.
    • The good news is, the crackpots are planning to get together at a conference.
    • Of course crackpots with guns aren't a uniquely American problem.
    • Most of them are not wealthy or trained or competent, and a lot are just crackpots.
    • But Stein trots out his definition of a writer as if belonging to this group of crackpots is something to be proud of.