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cuna, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkreɪdl/ /ˈkreɪd(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (for baby)
    cuna femenino
    the cradle of civilization la cuna de la civilización
    • from the cradle desde la infancia / la cuna
    • from the cradle to the grave (durante) toda la vida
    • they took care of him from the cradle to the grave se ocuparon de él durante toda su vida / desde que nació hasta que murió
    • Cribs, cradles and bassinets are traditionally woven from wickerwork.
    • Rockers were found on cradles as early as the fifteenth century.
    • I looked towards the never-ending horizon, which was already holding the sun like a baby in a cradle.
    • She led him up to the glass wall of the nursery, where a nurse was putting a very tiny baby into a cradle.
    • He stepped up to the cradle where the baby girl lay, and picked her up in his aristocratic hands, smiling sadly, yet gently.
    • Isabelle shouts to a stunned Guy and hurriedly puts her hands into the cradle, scooping baby Lucas into her arms.
    • The two of them walked to the cradle where the baby was still asleep.
    • Here in Matthew's story we see the academy in a strange and unexpected place, gathered around the cradle of a baby.
    • In the summer of 1555 an ornate cradle was prepared and rockers appointed.
    • Some were often placed in cradles with newborn babies.
    • Lifting the small child from the wicker cradle, Julius lifted his daughter high for all to see.
    • As soon as everyone stopped laughing, they noticed a few baby cradles at the other side of the room.
    • The shortage of necessary equipment such as cradles, beds and toys is acute.
    • Rolling out of the bed on opposite sides, we each grabbed a screaming baby from the cradle at the foot of the bed.
    • When I was a baby, she would lean over my cradle and that pendant would be before my eyes.
    • Taylor picked up two babies and started to rock a cradle of a newborn with her knee.
    • She goes off and comes back a minute later with one of the blankets from the baby's cradle.
    • Brian opened the door and Rebekah walked in to see twelve little wooden cradles and beds.
    • He bent down and picked up the large wooden cradle without any effort and followed Christina to her room.
    • The baby stirred in her wooden rocking cradle.
  • 2

    • 2.1(for telephone receiver)

      horquilla femenino
      he replaced the receiver on its cradle colgó el auricular
      • Content can also be displayed on a TV via the docking cradle.
      • Another handy new feature is the USB download cradle.
      • Logitech cleverly ships a charging cradle for their high-end cordless mice.
      • For now, Creative said it's also offering a docking cradle as an optional extra.
      • Slip it into a cradle at a desk and fire up a full-sized keyboard and screen.
      • Sitting up, she fluffed her pillows, and reached over to her nightstand where a brush was in its cradle.
      • At 10 pm last night the carriage was lifted in a metal cradle from its resting place on the tracks by an open stretch of platform.
      • All three screamed, for at that very moment, the bowl dropped from the cradle and crashed to the ground.
      • But the closest they came to scientific work was the construction of an insemination cradle.
      • The pod and its cradle were resting on a maintenance table that is authorized for transporting equipment within the shop area.
      • The radio rests in a custom-designed cradle and is fully operational while charging.
      • The front section is a height-adjustable rest with a shaped cradle for the forearm.
      • Inside, disposable napkins yield to more environmentally friendly heated white towels that rest in small, woven cradles.
      • We really liked the well-designed recharger cradle, where you rest the mouse so it's always charged.
      • Some time ago, the Professor purchased a little gizmo that rests when not in use in a cradle by the computer.
      • Using a modem, a portable keyboard, and a docking cradle, users can store data and access it later.
      • For example, the car's carbon fiber reinforced plastic engine cradle takes one week to build by hand.
      • A more conventional docking cradle would have been nice.
      • The scopes are mounted on a very solid cradle machined from air-craft-quality aluminum.
      • During a head CT, the table may be fitted with a special cradle that holds your head.
      • They have a relatively long handle, in the middle of which is a sort of pierced platform or cradle to hold the sugar cube.
      • His fingers made their way to the cradle the receiver was resting on, then just snatched the thing off and held it to his ear.
      • After a moment, she took the telephone from its cradle, dialing in a number quickly, and the recipient answered.
      • He pulled the receiver out of the cradle and dialed the number for the poison center at the local hospital.
      • I put the receiver back into its cradle and sighed.
      • Max cursed as he slammed the receiver back onto the cradle.
      • I finally gave into my feelings and took the phone off of its mounted cradle.
      • Darla returned the phone to its cradle on her nightstand, and fell asleep again.
      • Hanging up herself Elizabeth replaced her phone in its cradle beside her bed and threw off the covers.
      • She picked up the cordless phone on the cradle beside her bed and pushed the power button.
      • There was an old desk and an empty cradle to a portable phone.
      • With that said, I slammed the phone back into its cradle and slid onto the sofa for some serious thinking time.
      • I sat the phone back on its cradle and sat on my bed.
      • He reached across his bed and lifted the phone from its cradle.
      • I sat down on my bed after putting the phone back in its cradle.
      • Wordlessly, he replaced the phone back to its original cradle and idly picked up his jacket and suitcase.
      • Jessica looked at her and went to get her the phone from the cradle.
      • I picked the black cordless phone from the cradle at the third ring.
      • Cameron jumped up and went to get the phone from the cradle in the kitchen.
      • As soon as they pick up the phone from the cradle, however, or read an incoming text message, they would be liable for prosecution.
      • I picked the phone up from the cradle and pressed it up against my ear.

    • 2.2(for ship)

      calzo masculino
      • Calamity struck when the cradle on the trailer collapsed and crushed her boat.
      • High water levels, again, floated many boats off their lift cradles or up through roofs of covered docks.
      • Sounds of voices barking instructions competed with the rattle of chains as the boat and cradle were lowered down the slipway.
      • The lifts, which carries boats in water on special cradles, closed in 1983 when corrosion was found during routine maintenance.
      • The mighty carrier was launching out from the massive embracing cradle which till now had held it in port.

    • 2.3(on tall building, ship)

      andamio colgante masculino
      • Look at window cleaners, hanging in those little cradles on the sides of high rise buildings.
      • Two exceptionally cute and perky Canadian men were washing the windows in a cradle suspended from the roof.
      • The Nottingham-based workers were on a cradle inside the 200 ft high chimney at the factory.
      • TWO workmen suspended on a cradle inside a 120 ft metal chimney died when they were engulfed in a fireball after a massive explosion.
      • No matter how hard I studied how the twisted chord was dangled by the side of the cradle, I never managed to get it back the same.
      • Firefighters from the nearby Central Fire Station on Charter Row were quickly at the scene to secure the cradle.
      • Anthony was one of four men hurt when the high-rise window-cleaning cradle became detached.
      • They were left dangling on a dislodged window cleaning cradle eight storeys above the ground.
      • The glass facade in tall structures can be cleaned either by using platform-like cradles or by handing-by-the-rope technique.

    • 2.4(for mechanic)

      camilla femenino

    • 2.5Medicina

      cabestrillo masculino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (baby/child) acunar
    (baby/child) mecer
    (guitar/wounded arm) sostener contra el pecho
    • Tory stood slowly, gathering her bag into her arms, cradling it protectively to her chest
    • He sighed gently, cradling his bruised hand as an afterthought.
    • So O'Neill picked me up bridal style, cradling me gently in his arms.
    • Becca cradled the phone gently between her jaw and collarbone.
    • Luke said nothing, but gently pulled Jake into his shoulders and cradled him gently as he would a little child.
    • One should cushion the fall, cradle, the head, remove glasses, and loosen tight clothes.
    • He simply turned and started to move up the stairs, Trish still cradled gently in his arms.
    • One arm wrapped around her waist as his other hand gently cradled her head towards him.
    • Julie pulled herself up onto shore with the bird gently cradled in her arms.
    • I was still cradled in his arms, only inches away from his face.
    • She sat with his head cradled in her lap and admired the perfect features of her beloved.
    • She stood still as he rocked her gently, one hand cradling her head.
    • Jillian came across a picture of her parents, her mother cradling a small baby.
    • Strife sprinted onwards in the pouring rain, tenderly cradling his six-year-old daughter who was whimpering with fear.
    • There he was slumped in a chair, whisky bottle cradled in his lap.
    • Men sat on top, with rifles cradled on their laps.
    • I cradled the phone in my palm; your voice was like my pulse.
    • He had been cradling his face since he had entered the room minutes before.
    • With a groan, I heave him into my arms, carefully cradling his neck.
    • I forced a smile and took another swallow from the cup that was cradled in my palms.