Translation of craftsmanship in Spanish:


destreza, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkræf(t)smənˌʃɪp/ /ˈkrɑːf(t)smənʃɪp/

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  • 1

    destreza feminine
    conocimiento del oficio masculine
    • Over the years he constructed some magnificent stone walls around the county which bear testament to his gifted craftsmanship in hard landscaping.
    • I enjoyed their early music the most, yet appreciated their craftsmanship to the end.
    • Sue Wong should be in New York or even Paris displaying her masterful craftsmanship.
    • Indulge in the quirky, delicate, craftsmanship of a remarkable career remade up-to-the-minute yet timeless.
    • Thus contemporary artists from Ukraine have a high level of craftsmanship in common.
    • Piston, a superb craftsman in an era which distrusts craftsmanship, nevertheless almost never allows craft to become the point.
    • The music is often painfully beautiful, especially the love song Marie and the emotional wallow of Guilty, and Newman's craftsmanship is consistently staggering.
    • Such roles allowed him to develop the range and craftsmanship of his character performances.
    • Dad was also known for his skill in woodworking and craftsmanship.
    • Beretta has long had a reputation for quality and craftsmanship in Europe.
    • Mr. Kneisel was held in great esteem in Waterford, and indeed throughout the jewellery trade in Ireland, where his skills and craftsmanship were highly thought of.
    • Their craftsmanship developed as they went on with the project, and they made a great contribution to the technique of making astronomical instruments.
    • Shilparamam, the crafts village at Madhapur, has yet again become the venue for the display of craftsmanship of weavers and handicraft artisans.
    • As each of us develops our skills and craftsmanship, we get used to the properties of our painting surfaces.
    • Paul Binnie is an incredibly talented young artist who combines creativity with superb craftsmanship.
    • But war, international sanctions and economic penury have all but extinguished the ancient craftsmanship passed on from father to son for generations.
    • What Drever hated was some of the slipshod work and poor craftsmanship he saw among his fellow students.
    • It was also a golden age of craftsmanship.
    • So, it feels good when someone finally acknowledges and appreciates great craftsmanship and hard work.
    • A tour de force of both design and craftsmanship, Narragansett is one of the most extraordinary flatware patterns ever created, but it is, nonetheless, not well known.
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    trabajo masculine
    • However, with the increasing demand, the craftsmanship has improved.
    • The splendor of the stonework in the villages testifies to the great craftsmanship through the ages.
    • He thought there was a lot of craftsmanship in old things.
    • However, these materials often fell short in terms of craftsmanship.
    • It is all most splendid, showing English craftsmanship at its best.
    • Produced throughout Europe, nautilus cups were an extremely desirable blend of superb craftsmanship in combination with one of nature's most admired creations.
    • That emphasis is a little unorthodox in a country where fine craftsmanship is still held in high esteem.
    • Maps that are relatively old still portray craftsmanship we rarely see anymore. "
    • The charm of these prints is rather in the historical subjects than in the skill level of woodblock craftsmanship.
    • They were mostly made by local blacksmiths and many are excellent examples of craftsmanship.
    • Trace's prices are very reasonable for the quality and craftsmanship found in them.
    • But to this mechanical craftsmanship, the artist added a very human, sensual touch.
    • The exclusive designs and superior craftsmanship evident in their execution meant that they were only accessible to a wealthy elite.
    • The building has been the permanent home of Scottish Freemasonry since 1910, and is a triumph of the craftsmanship so prized by Victorian Masons.
    • The festival, focussing on gold and allied industry, will open a window to the world to the unique and lofty craftsmanship of gold jewellery in Kerala.
    • Although the distilling industry had undergone mass production, it did not sacrifice the craftsmanship of quality in the product.
    • The craftsmanship of the ship has to be seen to appreciate it fully.
    • Only craftsmanship in story-telling can preserve these qualities during adaptation in any form.
    • The elegant craftsmanship in her pictures is engrossing.
    • I hope that one day, buildings will be judged by design, function, and craftsmanship.