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peñasco, n.

Pronunciación /kræɡ/ /kraɡ/

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    peñasco masculino
    risco masculino
    • The rolling, gentle hills of the borderland of Northern Ireland transform on the turn of a bend into rugged, exposed crags.
    • Nest sites include crags or ledges on cliffs, scrapes on the ground, or hollows of trees.
    • He floats for two days and when he nears the land all he can see are violent crags and cliffs.
    • One side is steep forestry and crags, the other is pretty pasture interspersed with little old woods.
    • Visually, the city keeps you enthralled, with its setting atop a series of extinct volcanoes and rocky crags.
    • Down in the valley, Gawain saw nothing but hills and rocky crags.
    • By now they would be on the high crags or over the Sierra crest.
    • This was how she had dreamed it to be, the sharp crags of the Highlands and the Lowland's forever rolling green hills.
    • Our guide is of indeterminate age, with teeth as exposed and raw as the crags of the mountains around us.
    • There was a mottled rocky slope with spiky crags reaching into cloud.
    • I first began climbing harder routes in the mountains and on smaller crags when I came up to Oxford.
    • Crag after crag, we come across perfect condor nesting sites.
    • It stood upon a frozen, wind-swept crag with the snow piled about it in treacherous, drifting masses.
    • One could lie in wait on some high crag, and at hitherto unheard-of ranges hit a horseman far below.
    • The mountains are so close, you can see every crag and cranny.
    • The first hotel, the Summit House, was built in 1852, just a few feet away from Mt. Washington's highest crag.
    • This amazing crag sits right on the oceans edge and features some crazy web-like pockets.
    • I stood on a high rocky crag that marked the beginning of it, high above the world.
    • Ed is a local and, as one of the country's most famous climbers, a regular on this crag.
    • There is a rock solid truth to this crag game, going up involves coming down.
    • There is a window in the far wall, which looks out on a sheer drop off the rocky mountain crag.