Traducción de cram en español:


meter, v.

Pronunciación /kræm/ /kram/

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verbo transitivo cramming, crammed, crammed

  • 1

    she crammed the money into her pockets se metió / se embutió el dinero en los bolsillos
    • I crammed all my things into a case metí / embutí todas mis cosas en una maleta
    • they crammed us all into one car nos metieron a todos apretujados en un coche
    • the room was crammed with people/books la habitación estaba abarrotada / atiborrada de gente/libros
    • you can't cram three meetings into one morning no puedes tratar de asistir a tres reuniones en una mañana
    • to cram oneself with food atiborrarse
    • The place is crammed with cinema memorabilia - room after room packed full of it.
    • The place was crammed with Turkish fans who couldn't wait for their heroes to become world champions.
    • The place is crammed with them, far too many to take in during one visit.
    • I agree with most people, the place is crammed with achingly cool Danes.
    • The room was crammed with suitcases, footwear, clothes and other odds and ends strewn carelessly around.
    • The flyover, roads and even pavements are crammed with vehicles.
    • The caravan park was crammed with campers, vans and tents.
    • A favourite with day-trippers, the small town is crammed with glittering gift shops, candyfloss and tourists.
    • Instead she found herself in a room so crammed full of people that there was nowhere for her to sit.
    • Each bus is crammed full of passengers, luggage strapped on the roof racks.
    • This salsa is very chunky and crammed full of tomatoes.
    • The episodes on the second volume worked because they were crammed to the brim with jokes.
    • Unlike her last, this is not an album crammed to the brim with hit singles.
    • For example issues of the Chronicle of Higher Education are crammed to the brim with advertising from online education companies.
    • Our livestock buildings are becoming ever more crammed, ruling out species-specific animal husbandry.
    • Cars are filled and shopping centres and retail parks are crammed to capacity.
    • Every public place, including the hospital, schools and churches, are crammed to capacity.
    • Sighing loudly, I made my way back into the hall which was now crammed to capacity.
    • Like all the entries in the encyclopedia, this one is crammed with details.
    • Many of these works are crammed with details and it is humanly impossible to recreate them.
    • There was a lifetimes worth of knowledge, all crammed into a room's worth of books.
    • Everyone has seen on television a packed football ground with 50,000 spectators crammed together.
    • When he observed the multitude of people crammed into the small space, he stopped short.
    • There are about perhaps 500 people crammed into this small space.
    • Yesterday all my stuff arrived in Brixton and is now crammed into my room.
    • How did you cram so many nice things about me in that review?
    • All 20 of us were crammed into a cage, it really was a squeeze.
    • Are the brightly-coloured birds you see crammed into cages by street vendors being sold illegally?
    • The room was lined with bears, crammed into tiny isolation cages.
    • To say I crammed too many tomatoes into that small section is an understatement.
    • Don't try to cram too many people around a small dining room table.
    • Developers are seeking to cram far too many dwellings on to the site.
    • There are dwellings crammed into every corner, up high and down low.
    • Hidden because she works at home on sewing machines crammed into a corner of her laundry.
    • Over 300 people can be crammed tightly in the car whose capacity is only 200 people.
    • Because they are crammed so tightly, the birds go crazy and peck at each other.
    • The chamber was now so tightly crammed with pallets that there was scarcely room to walk between them.
    • Crammed into the truck are men and women wearing yellow stars.
    • Once again, writers like to cram a lot of material into a single sentence.
    • In every issue you folks manage to cram lots of good stuff onto those pages.
    • The average age of the 2,000 squealing fans crammed into the Civic Hall is 14.
  • 2

    (for exam)
    (facts/dates) memorizar
    (facts/dates) empollar España coloquial
    (facts/dates) zambutir(se) México coloquial
    (facts/dates) tragar(se) Río de la Plata coloquial
    (student) preparar intensivamente

verbo intransitivo cramming, crammed, crammed

  • 1

    (for exam)
    empollar España coloquial
    zambutir México
    tragar Río de la Plata coloquial
    matearse Chile coloquial
    empacarse Colombia coloquial
    • It was their final year of university and all the students were beginning to cram for final examinations.
    • There are too many students who believe in cramming rather than studying.
    • A familiar sight during the exam period; as drowsiness sets in, coffee helps a student stay awake and cram for those finals.
    • Students cram for mid-term and final exams, and attend lectures for the rest of the semester.
    • Even for a fast learner, though, four months is an awfully short time to cram.
    • Parents drive their children to cram up for examinations and woe forbid, if the child is a prodigy.
    • I was rushing to get to class-and trying to cram for my next period's geography quiz.
    • I registered to take the February exam, paid $6 for the study booklet, and crammed for a week before the test.
    • Sitara wandered over to the round tables, were several students crammed together, their heads bent and studying.
    • This will help me forgetting it, yet I know I will just be another student who crams.
    • He'll get up at 5.30 the next morning for a final cram.
    • Unfortunately, after holidays comes the time to rush to finish projects, and then cram for exams.
    • Students really should get a good night's sleep after cramming for an exam.
    • How many times had they crammed for exams on the soft, overstuffed couch?
    • When they weren't cramming for the upcoming tests they were practicing for the contest.
    • Justine remembered that Kylie had been cramming mightily for the test when they last spoke.
    • The two college students cramming for finals at the next table certainly agreed.
    • Unlike fanatical me, they were all planning on cramming for their finals.
    • The camera followed this fish out of water rocker as he auditions for the marching band and crams for finals.
    • I crammed for a week before taking Step 2 of the Boards.
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    (get in)
    we all crammed into the room nos metimos todos en la habitación
    • Numbers of backers crammed into schools and auditoriums.
    • On the first night it was opened, twice that number of people crammed in.
    • My friends had invited me on a drive so we all crammed in the car and set off.
    • Crowds will cram into Cathedral Square to be among the first in the world to witness the dawn of the 21st century.
    • So we all crammed into the car and headed to the Dells.
    • Everyone crammed in the car about a hour later all talking excitedly.
    • I crammed unceremoniously into their car.
    • A crowd of over 400 crammed into the hall, leaving standing room only, to join the record numbers of award winners.
    • The 5,000 strong crowd crammed into an airplane hanger in rural Ohio.
    • People crammed into cars with their household possessions and drove out of the city.
    • A crowd of 7,575 crammed into Gigg Lane for the game.
    • Strictly speaking, the club's crowd limit was around 50, but at least double that number usually crammed in.
    • Everyone crammed into the insufficient accommodation as best they could.
    • There were 4 people that just crammed into the small car.
    • Husband, wife and son crammed into the boot of his car.
    • We crammed out the backseat of the crummy car, and took what little we had out of the trunk.
    • Normally, we have a big car, but it's in the shop, so we have to cram into our other small car.
    • Thousands more crammed into an adjacent room to listen via closed-circuit TV.
    • Jazz fans crammed in to Westcliff's Cliffs Pavilion for the Echo's charity jazz night.
    • At Victoria Park, fans crammed into any space available.