Traducción de crash barrier en español:

crash barrier

barrera de protección, n.


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    barrera de protección femenino
    • Should this mean that all roads should be made into dual-carriage-ways with central crash barriers?
    • His vehicle had, somehow, come off the motorway, missing the crash barriers, plunged down an embankment and through a wooden fence into the field he was now standing in.
    • The car was trapped between the top of the lorry's cab and a crash barrier at the side of the road.
    • The materials used to make the lamp-posts are also used to make crash barriers on motorways and blades for wind turbines.
    • As the car left the road it mounted a crash barrier and hit the concrete support of a footbridge, leaving the boys trapped.
    • It crossed lanes and hit a crash barrier on the hard shoulder.
    • Repairs are needed to the some of the crash barriers involved in the accident, which could mean the proposed midday reopening being put back well into the afternoon.
    • They found a Porsche motor vehicle that had collided with a roadside crash barrier.
    • Motorists are being warned to expect delays as safety work is undertaken on the crash barriers along one of Bury's busiest roads.
    • No one was injured, but long tailbacks built up while the road was cleared and the crash barriers repaired.
    • However, road safety experts remain divided about the benefits of crash barriers over the presence of a wide unprotected central reservation.
    • A lorry carrying metal crash barriers arrived and police began to fence in those on the pavement.
    • A temporary crash barrier has been placed on the hard shoulder, which is only effective up to 50 mph, therefore speed restrictions are imperative.
    • The sight of rusty, corroded handrails, street lamp poles, signs and crash barriers is a source of constant frustration to the New Zealander.
    • He commented that quite a lot of the crash barrier that ran along the road had been dislodged and that some barrier poles were flattened.
    • Rush-hour traffic built up today as the outside lane in both directions was closed for repairs to the crash barrier.
    • With a shower of sparks, the door scraped the crash barrier on the edge of the road.
    • The trust is now calling for more biker-friendly crash barriers to be erected on bends and near junctions.
    • All those crash barriers and gravel traps don't come cheap.
    • It needs crash barriers between the two directions of traffic.