Traducción de crash diet en español:

crash diet

régimen muy estricto, n.


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    régimen muy estricto masculino
    • Men are also more likely to exercise to excess to work off a pub lunch than go on a crash diet.
    • I'm thinking we should all start crash diets.
    • There were no crash diets, no marathons, just a steady, realistic programme which anyone can follow.
    • It feels like an overlarge patchwork suit worn by a man who has gone on a crash diet.
    • Stephens's strength had been sapped by a crash diet to produce the lean, mean Holmes that Wilder wanted.
    • Going on crash diets isn't a long-term solution.
    • No wonder the tabs report every month or two that she has gone on yet another crash diet.
    • Also before the second round, the obese volunteers had been put on a crash diet and lost weight.
    • Cabbage is certainly an excellent vegetable for speeding up a de-tox but the Cabbage Soup Diet is nothing more than a crash diet.
    • Mild ketosis may be a feature of excessive morning sickness in pregnancy and crash diets.
    • Crash diets based on just one type of food, for example, are one form of irregularity.
    • A gout attack can be triggered by illness, injury or prolonged stress, by unusual physical exertion, or by too much alcohol or crash dieting.
    • But rebound pounds do tend to make you fatter when it comes to body composition, especially if you go on crash diets.
    • It's a four-week eating plan designed to minimize the discomfort of building new habits and to avoid the torment of a crash diet.
    • You may want to cut calories by 200-300 a day, but don't go on a crash diet, as many brides-to-be do.
    • Reports of her weight having dropped to 90 pounds raised suspicions about crash diets; it was later revealed that she was afflicted with anorexia nervosa.
    • Some other types of unhealthy weight loss practices are excessive exercise and crash diets; one can also abuse laxatives to avoid gaining weight.
    • Crash diets can deplete healthy muscle.
    • Doctors are concerned that teenage girls resort to crash diets in an attempt to shed the extra fat that they need to bear children in future life.
    • If the big day looms and you're worried about carrying a few extra pounds, avoid crash diets.