Translation of crash helmet in Spanish:

crash helmet

casco (protector), n.


  • 1

    casco (protector) masculine
    • Neither were wearing protective clothing or crash helmets.
    • Its 200 highly trained members dress in white overalls, padded clothing and crash helmets to protect themselves against police batons and shields.
    • Some advise wearing a motorcycle crash helmet with full-face visor, others say ski goggles work fine.
    • They are no more guides than the bumpers at the front of a car or a crash helmet worn by a motorcyclist.
    • Personally, I don't care whether a motorcyclist wears a crash helmet or not.
    • He had a crash helmet on, and each time I see a crash helmet now it is horrifying - it just brings it back.
    • I can't keep my crash helmet's visor down while driving, because it steams up as soon as I exhale, and I have a 25-minute journey to work.
    • There are plenty of precedents for laws protecting people from their own stupidity - the compulsory use of seat-belts and crash helmets being two obvious examples.
    • That is why we have laws on seatbelts and crash helmets.
    • He was of medium build and wore dark jeans, a canvas coat and a peaked crash helmet with a luminous yellow design.
    • Most accidents happened on highways and involved motorcyclists and passengers not wearing crash helmets.
    • What is it about a crash helmet that is such an anathema to motorcyclists?
    • At the time of the accident Kevin was wearing a blue jacket, beige trousers and a white crash helmet.
    • The car was fitted with a roll cage and sports seats and drivers had to wear crash helmets and be strapped in.
    • He was wearing dark clothing and wore a crash helmet with a Mohican-style design on the front.
    • When you do see officers around they are only there to give out tickets for traffic regulation violations, like failure to wear crash helmets.
    • The manner of the driving was reckless and the youths were clearly too young to have a licence and they were not wearing crash helmets.
    • A large crowd watched the game and were amazed to see the players taking ‘big hits’ without padding or crash helmets.
    • They're cycling on the road with their crash helmets on.
    • Some of these riders do not wear crash helmets, they roar down on the wrong side of the road, and sometimes in the early hours of the morning.