Translation of crash pad in Spanish:

crash pad

material amortiguador, n.


  • 1

    (shock-absorbing material)
    material amortiguador masculine
    • First off, your crash pad is not full protection.
    • If you're afraid of hurting yourself if you fall, then I suggest buying some crash pads to protect yourself from the pain of falling.
    • The crash pad basically and simply lessens the shock factor when you fall.
    • You'll need to rent a crash pad (a foldable pad that acts as a soft landing zone) and sticky-rubber climbing shoes.
  • 2 informal

    (place to sleep)
    (solo una noche) lugar donde quedarse a dormir masculine
    • The cramped units with rollout beds and sleep-in porches had served as crash pads for generations of beachcombers and laborers looking for a cheap place to lay their heads.
    • The couple, who live at Drews Park Village, wanted to buy a property in France and a crash pad near to Heathrow Airport in London where they both work for an airline.
    • Meant to be just a crash pad, the capsule hotels are about the size of a coffin.
    • Some friends of ours, fearing this apocalyptic vision and with both kids packed off to university, traded in their large Victorian family home in east London for a flat in Spain and a crash pad in Islington.
    • Even without the need to keep on the lookout for the neighbors as I made a mad dash to a waiting taxi, the boardinghouse had become nothing more than a crash pad.
    • It stood for about a decade, a favorite crash pad for travelers and homeless folk.
    • If there is a safe crash pad anywhere in the vicinity which you can offer her, it's got to be better than where she's spending her time now.
    • One weekend, she corralled five friends into the Ludlow Street crash pad rented by musicians John Cale and Tony Conrad and instigated a night of playful debauchery.