Translation of crate in Spanish:


cajón (de embalaje), n.

Pronunciation /kreɪt/

See Spanish definition of cascajo


  • 1

    cajón (de embalaje) masculine
    jaula feminine
    jaba feminine Chile
    a crate of apples un cajón de manzanas
    • We also use colorful signs, a banner with a rooster on it, old wooden chicken crates and egg baskets - anything we can think of to draw people in.
    • Upstairs Cole found piles of boxes and wooden crates.
    • His cart was stacked three deep with myriad wooden crates and boxes.
    • I walked a bit further, climbing over old wooden crates and soaked cardboard boxes.
    • Undisclosed sums of money were exchanged and the two large wooden crates arrived in the basement of the Schomburg
    • We built go-carts out of wooden crates and bits of scrap metal.
    • At the end of the Second World War, flowers were purchased from Covent Garden Market and delivered by rail in returnable wooden crates.
    • Flea markets, and summer produce stands are great places to shop for previously used wooden crates.
    • Big sheds, walls of wooden crates and brightly painted processing plants dot fertile valleys.
    • The training included learning how to blow up 27 wooden crates - a test he passed.
    • He didn't have a stool to sit on, he managed to balance himself on a wooden crate.
    • As summer arrived, so did the big wooden crates bringing wonderful dolls, mechanical toys, pedal cars, tricycles, scooters, dolls' prams.
    • It's also capable of bashing open wooden crates.
    • Catherine was sitting back against the wooden crates with her eyes closed for a while when she heard that familiar voice which she had been dying to hear throughout the evening.
    • There were cobwebs and old wooden crates and barrels scattered carelessly about; evidently, this place had once been used for storage.
    • They hid behind wooden crates till the noise faded.
    • Next to the walls, on the inside, are large wooden crates.
    • It was lined with the backsides of an assortment of brick buildings and had wooden crates of varying sizes stacked at random intervals next to each one.
    • The captain put down his cup on a stack of wooden crates.
    • Once the moulds were made, the task of shipping them back, each piece carefully wrapped and packed in wooden crates, was an even more difficult and expensive business.
  • 2 slang

    (old plane, car)
    cascajo masculine informal
    cacharro masculine informal

transitive verb

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