Translation of cravat in Spanish:


pañuelo de hombre, n.

Pronunciation /krəˈvæt/ /krəˈvat/


  • 1

    pañuelo de hombre masculine
    • The bridegroom is able to hire his choice of morning suit or dinner suit, tuxedo, shirt and cravat or bow tie.
    • He was wearing a black coat and trousers with a snow white shirt, a blue cravat that matched his eyes perfectly, and also the monocle.
    • Truly he was a vision of charm in his navy jacket, cream-colored dress shirt, black cravat, and brown trousers.
    • His snowy white shirt was topped by a burgundy waistcoat which, amazingly enough, matched her gown almost perfectly, and he wore a black cravat around his neck.
    • The young man's black hair is parted in the middle, he sports a moustache and sideburns, and wears a large black cravat under a wide wing collar.
    • He wore a rich brick-red winter coat over a Persil-white shirt and cravat.
    • He was wearing a charcoal grey suit over a burgundy shirt with matching cravat.
    • He was dressed elegantly in severe black evening wear, crisply white starched shirt and intricately tied cravat.
    • After putting on a white shirt and navy blue cravat, he felt somewhat armored against what ever might transpire in the future.
    • He was dressed up in a tuxedo, and you could see a white shirt, and white cravat sticking out of the front of it.
    • He was dressed in black breeches, a white loose shirt and cravat, and a long black jacket.
    • Who wears a trilby, a cravat and an old raincoat around these parts?
    • He murmured, tucking his chin into his cravat sulkily.
    • I watched in disgust as he began to untie his cravat and removed it from around his neck.
    • He wears a beige Stetson hat, a black cravat and a black suit with white piping.
    • Aimed at the banking community, this consumer advice show charts all that's new in the world of waistcoats, cravats, handkerchiefs and pocket watches.
    • Colourful silk waistcoats and cravats are taking over.
    • The emperor's jacket was unbuttoned, his lace cravat untied, and his crown of golden leaves sitting crooked atop uncombed dark hair.
    • There's a dapper old gent with a blazer and a cravat sitting two seats head of me.
    • Steve Martin, incidentally, isn't wearing a bow-tie but is wearing a proper formal cravat as opposed to a black necktie out of the sock drawer.