Translation of cream tea in Spanish:

cream tea


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    té servido con scones, mermelada y crema batida (in UK)
    • Later in the day, a cream tea with sandwiches and scones would have been tempting.
    • Of course, at around four in the afternoon thoughts turn to the cream tea.
    • We had a cream tea in the bar in the afternoon and ate in the hotel's restaurant that evening.
    • Around 80 guests will enjoy a cream tea at the farm where he lives, with Prospero tucking into a carrot cake next Saturday.
    • We try to encourage owners to have a welcome of some sort, either by providing a cream tea or laying a fire. Clients like it and owners like it.
    • It is our Bank Holiday, too, and it would have affected the church cream tea, which has been held in the village for many years.
    • Visitors will be able to enjoy a cream tea in a cottage garden, browse around the stalls and wander around St Michael's Church to see floral decorations and enjoy the view from the church tower.
    • I had great plans for today, getting up early, rattling through writing chores, tidying the house and then going out for some air and, possibly, half a cream tea.
    • Beginning on Christmas Eve with a welcome cream tea in front of a roaring open fire, champagne, canapés, good food and wine are on offer throughout the break.
    • Feed 'em with a cream tea twice a day and by the middle of the first week they'll be too stuffed to move.
    • We went and had a cream tea with my parent's friends.
    • A cruise on the river from Tewkesbury is planned for May 20, the cost will be £8 and includes a cream tea.
    • This takes a leisurely two hours and includes a cream tea.
    • The race sets off from Durisdeer Church, and shows no mercy until the arrival at yet another church for a well-deserved cream tea.
    • You can't help but smile a little after a Selworthy cream tea.
    • A nice cream tea in the Victorian Kitchens followed, leaving just enough time to sing a few carols with the Salvation Army Band.
    • This afternoon we went to the farm shop just along the road from here and had a cream tea whilst watching the cows being milked.
    • And we made a point of finding somewhere to have a cream tea every single day.
    • The prize is a cream tea for a family of four at the Lemon Grove Tea Rooms.
    • On the next day, to celebrate, we'd take a trip out to one of the tourist tea rooms for the first cream tea of the year.