Translation of create in Spanish:


crear, v.

Pronunciation /kriˈeɪt/ /kriːˈeɪt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (bring into existence)
    (world/product) crear
    to create jobs crear / generar empleo
    • he scored two goals and created three more marcó dos goles y posibilitó tres más
    • Mayo County Council have done an exemplary job in creating this trail and bringing the visual arts to the people.
    • His paintings are attempts at getting outside of time, at creating timeless icons of existence.
    • In an effort to justify their existence they create documents that only a fool would sign without modifying it.
    • Chaos is a calm Goddess, who loves to work with Existence to create things and let them run amok on their own.
    • Plans to rejuvenate the River Eden could create dozens of new jobs and bring millions of pounds into the local economy, according to a new report.
    • Scotland can demonstrate that plans to revitalise health and safety in the workplace can be made a reality by creating real partnerships to bring the accident figures down.
    • This deliberate thrust for creating an enabling environment brings about the shift in growth strategy.
    • This new recording features two dozen carols brought together to create a concert performance.
    • The system, if adopted, is predicted to bring in revenues of nearly £50 billion and create two million jobs.
    • It was this love of generations yet unborn that brought God to create the universe.
    • From Spain he brought a translator who created a Latin summary of Aristotle's biological and zoological works.
    • In its draft resolutions, the ANC called on all levels of government to create projects that generated jobs.
    • At the same time, the Commission was not brought into being to create a historical document.
    • We are going to create new jobs from bringing in new products and services to the community.
    • How far can we use the imagination to create a videogame that brings someone to nirvana?
    • If granted, it will generate power for thousands of homes, creating hundreds of jobs in the Doncaster area.
    • It effectively created a new bank which has brought us back into the mainstream of competing with the big Scottish banks.
    • Saying that humans, being creatures of flesh, could not obey the law was to say, in effect, that God made a bad job of creating them.
    • With a wide array of workshop topics, Career Services has information on every aspect of the job hunt, from creating a resume to selling your skills in an interview.
    • The company plans to centralise its business by moving into the large distribution warehouse in Kettlestring Lane, creating an extra 30 jobs.
  • 2

    (problem/difficulties) crear
    (problem/difficulties) causar
    (impression) producir
    (impression) causar
    to create a sensation causar / hacer sensación
    • the aim is to create confusion in the enemy ranks el objetivo es crear confusión en las filas enemigas
    • It is a prime cause of substance abuse and divorce and can ultimately create a state of tension and chaos in the office and at home.
    • That diversity creates a community that fosters interaction more than competition.
    • Doing so fosters new entrepreneurs, creates good feelings, builds the brand, and engenders loyalty.
    • This has created unrealistic demands on women and has led to a divorce rate of nearly 50 percent.
    • But, the talk was so inspiring that it created a huge impact and people listened to him.
    • Like its inspiration, Robostrider creates surface ripples and hidden vortices as it moves across the water.
    • Sharing your shortcomings creates intimacy and fosters close relationships.
    • It fosters peace, creates deep joy in our hearts and makes us considerate of others.
    • Her single act created a spark that inspired an entire civil rights movement.
    • The existence of high-wage jobs creates a gap between the demand for labor and the supply of labor.
    • The existence of such records created an interest amongst a younger generation of performers.
    • The existence of multiple official languages must create occasional headaches.
    • If these bodies are left around any longer they will create disease and bring harm to the people.
    • As each of them look under the table, he screams and bangs his head, creating enough commotion to bring the whole café to his attention.
    • The Small Man creates confusion and helps bring great enterprises down by telling lies, spreading rumors and making insinuations.
    • Sometimes after the exposition the composer creates excitement by bringing the entries of the subject nearer to each other so that they overlap.
    • This creates sufficient momentum to bring your hips out of the water and past your head.
    • The movement of these air masses creates low-pressure systems that bring intense rain in the summer.
    • This is a great attempt to cater to younger fans and hopefully it will create enough buzz to bring some new people to the sport.
    • Now I know lately I haven't done a very good job at creating controversy, and I'm sorry for that.
  • 3

    (peer/baronet) nombrar
    • In 1681, sixteen days after the death of the previous holder of the title, he was created earl of Nottingham.
    • He was created a baronet in 1885 and elected president of the RA in 1896.
    • On returning to England in 1902 he was created Viscount Kitchener and was appointed commander in chief in India.
    • Born in Dublin, the son of the Earl of Shelburne, he was created a marquess for negotiating peace with America after its revolution.
    • In 1994 she was created a Dame Commander to add to the OBE she was awarded by the Queen in 1987.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (make a fuss)
    armar jaleo informal