Traducción de creationism en español:


creacionismo, n.

Pronunciación /kriˈeɪʃəˌnɪzəm/ /kriːˈeɪʃ(ə)nɪz(ə)m/

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    creacionismo masculino
    • The majority of Americans believe in creationism rather than evolution.
    • They spend much time attacking biblical creationism and creationists.
    • The original proposal was to stop teaching evolution theory until creationism could be taught alongside.
    • It is the debate over our origins and how evolution or creationism or intelligent design should be taught in our nation's public schools.
    • Besieged teachers and others may increasingly find themselves on the spot to defend evolution and refute creationism.
    • Christians weren't the only ones in the poll to favor the teaching of creationism along with evolution in public schools.
    • The discussion about evolution and creationism is fine as long as it is confined to the salon and the pulpit.
    • Which theory do you think should be taught in our schools - creationism, evolution, intelligent design or all of the above?
    • Debates over whether public schools should teach creationism or Darwinian evolution are also fundamentally moral.
    • Politically active creationists failed in their attempts to have creationism taught alongside evolution as a science.
    • Biblical creationism, which is a separate line of argumentation, appeals to the authority of the Genesis account.
    • He spoke on the importance of believing in Biblical creationism and the Flood, and why it needs to be a part of our evangelism.
    • As a movement, they are unwilling to align themselves with Biblical creationism.
    • Many evolutionists are calling this creationism wrapped in a new package.
    • He even puts much of the blame for the successes of creationism on such evolutionists.
    • Whether one believes in creationism or evolution has nothing to do with Christianity.
    • I'm not going to argue creationism, evolution, and all that stuff.
    • So, as you read this book, challenge yourself to rethink what you have been offered concerning evolution and creationism.
    • Some readers questioned whether the research I discussed actually supported evolution and not creationism.
    • It's not limited to evolution and creationism, but also includes the anthropic principle and other relevant issues.