Traducción de creative en español:


creativo, adj.

Pronunciación /kriˈeɪdɪv/ /kriːˈeɪtɪv/

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    (person/artist/cook) creativo
    creative writing classes clases de creación literaria
    • she's very good at creative writing escribe / redacta muy bien
    • What your real economic asset is, is the creative talents and energy of your people.
    • If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.
    • Intellectual aspects are infused with creative energy and crowned with success.
    • I had wanted to do more creative writing, but I had not been able to organise myself to find the time.
    • Perhaps you are about to capitalise on a brilliant idea or creative insight.
    • I wish that I will be able to support myself comfortably and enjoyably on my creative writing.
    • Instead of abandoning faith in humanity we can turn our creative energies towards taking control of our futures.
    • The project gives a focus to the creative writing and art and craft skills of primary school children.
    • Hip-hop has always drawn much of its creative energy from the underworld.
    • In astrology, Mars is the planet of aggressive energy and creative action.
    • Bringing creative energy to this area can quickly change the look of your home.
    • Even without trying you're able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas.
    • Where you find the sign Aries is often the best house for creative expression of its energy.
    • The service is designed for people who have either a creative business or a creative idea and want some advice about what to do next.
    • This life force is the supreme, creative intelligence that pervades every cell of ours.
    • We have a lot of talent in UP, but the films seem to lack technical and creative excellence.
    • They gave us a lot of stuff on our terms, but we were able to retain creative control.
    • The committee is expecting to see many creative masterpieces in the exhibitions.
    • The minister says the social economy has many able people capable of creative thinking and wealth creation.
    • Sometimes, she has a creative idea that she turns into a stunning piece of jewelry of her own design.
    • One of the top creative teams in the country has been assembled for the production.
    • There were a bunch of very creative people on this team so we could not agree with each other.
    • In an almost unheard of but definitely serendipitous event, the creative team has been reassembled.
    • The creative team has tried to retell the story in a milder way, from the innocent viewpoint of a child.
    • Denise said the nature of the store gives her a lot of scope to be creative and use unusual design ideas.
    • The creative team on this book are no less than masters of comic art.
    • The more experienced and creative quilters are also designing their own patterns.
    • It's no surprise, then, that Picasso agreed to be the lead in a film about creative genius.
    • I sat just behind the composer and felt in the presence of a creative genius, transported into other worlds.
    • If there were a creative genius in us all, then we would all be sketching birds and dying of starvation.
    • He was absolutely one of the most creative geniuses to ever work in radio comedy.
    • Scott's really imaginative and creative and has a definite vision of what he wants his business to be.
    • The programme will create opportunities for creative web designers within Cumbria.
    • Li has been a creative designer for an advertising company for more than two years.
    • How can we square this with our notions of a great creative artist?
    • Such assignments also gave them the confidence to become creative producers on their own.
    • Though he studied electronics, he was an innately creative artist, even as a child.
    • An artist needs to be creative, and that is what these children proved precisely.
    • You are creative and productive in new ventures that bring out your hidden potential.
    • A Whitefield textile artist is appealing for creative people to join her in her craft.