Translation of creator in Spanish:


creador, n.

Pronunciation /kriˈeɪdər/ /kriːˈeɪtə/


  • 1

    creador masculine
    creadora feminine
    the Creator el Creador
    • It is a blasphemy against the very Creator of life who taught us to cherish and sanctify life.
    • Since the worshipper accepts God as his Creator, the physical body thus already belongs to Him.
    • He should heartily submit to the Lord's will, worship the Creator and efface his self-conceit.
    • In Psalm 148, the psalmist speaks of all creation giving praise to God, their Creator.
    • It boils down to worshipping the creation and rejecting the Creator - and that is a big mistake.
    • Hence we find writers who have no difficulty in supposing both that God is the Creator and that the created world never had a beginning.
    • In the Bible, as we have seen, God is the Creator of the world, the source of its ongoing life.
    • To pray to our Creator to help in ways that only He can is what all of us should be doing with any spare moment we have!
    • The Qur'an says that it is a revelation from the Creator of all that exists.
    • My 5 daily prayers refresh me, keep me connected to my Creator and keep me focused on Him.
    • Instead we should give glory and honor to the Creator and return to the authority of His Word.
    • The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary.
    • Christ will be the final judge on that last day, and only those who have believed in him as the Creator, Saviour and Judge will be saved.
    • Reason, conscience and common sense demand that there be a Creator.
    • In the end evil will be punished and everybody who rebels against the Creator will be judged.
    • The unity and perfection of creation taps us into the unity and perfection of the Creator.
    • Each and every one of us has been given tremendous potential for greatness by our Creator.
    • What Kabbalah teaches is that the Creator, when he created this world, actually gave us a guide book.