Traducción de credentials en español:


cartas credenciales, n.

Pronunciación /krəˈdɛnʃ(ə)lz/ /krɪˈdɛnʃ(ə)lz/

sustantivo plural

  • 1

    (of ambassador) cartas credenciales femenino
    (references) referencias femenino
    (identifying papers) documentos (de identidad) masculino
    to present one's credentials presentar sus (or mis etc.) cartas credenciales
    • she has excellent credentials tiene excelentes referencias
    • no one can question his credentials as a revolutionary / his revolutionary credentials no se puede poner en duda su trayectoria como revolucionario
    • The United States government is moving towards issuing single smart card identity credentials for all federal employees.
    • Checking out his credentials proved to be a difficult task.
    • Trusts which are anxious to show their governance credentials will identify innovators as low risk targets for attention.
    • Quotas must not apply, and applications for visas, press credentials and other documentation requisite for their work should be approved promptly.
    • Service Police, more than ever, need credentials to be easily identifiable to our own personnel, coalition forces and civilians.
    • Obviously, no one was reading carefully or checking credentials there.
    • Experts say other tablets of its kind have been unearthed in many other ancient tombs and just like today's title deeds, they are credentials of land purchase and ownership.
    • Many of these had no credentials to indicate that they represented anybody but themselves.
    • While he's speaking, an RCMP officer in a black suit checks my press credentials menacingly.
    • Authentication credentials can then be maintained centrally and referenced by a whole host of platforms and applications.
    • It's only a month since I presented my credentials as Ambassador to President Purvanov.
    • Generally, these protections are given to persons holding letters of credentials from Foreign Ministers or other high-level authorisation.
    • The King had reintroduced the ceremonial horse and carriage and tails requirement for Ambassadors presenting their credentials.
    • Presenting her credentials to the president, the ambassador said she was the first American woman ambassador to South Africa.
    • Meanwhile ambassadors of five countries presented their credentials to the Bulgarian President.
    • This transpired as the incoming German ambassador presented his credentials to the president in Pretoria.
    • Today the new Ambassador to London presented his credentials to the Queen.
    • He presented his credentials to the President in the Oval Office on the morning of June 10.