Traducción de credit account en español:

credit account


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    • In the case of a running-account credit account, the contract has to show the available ceiling and the manner in which it may be determined from time to time.
    • In another case, a church sought to apply for a commercial credit account at a local retailer.
    • Their other liabilities include $4,300 in credit card expenses; a $1,400 credit account with Marlow Furniture Stores; $400 with Victoria's Secret; and $5,000 for her tuition for the spring semester.
    • You will have a promotion for this, and the full amount of the reward will be paid into your credit account by the end of the day.
    • I've also created a credit account for you with some money siphoned off one of the big banks in Jacarend.
    • First he opened his credit account and scanned his opponent's card for 7,000,000 credits.
    • I'm not sure how much longer my credit account will hold up.
    • Is that a savings, cheque or credit account?
    • Revolving accounts are credit cards and line of credit accounts.
    • They're tracking sales and invoices, rather than balancing debit and credit accounts.
    • We consider delinquencies of sixty or more days for three different types of accounts: closed-end consumer installment credit, retail accounts, and revolving consumer credit accounts.
    • Others have money in their PayPal accounts - $750 million overall - that tends to burn holes in their pockets, in contrast to credit accounts where people know a bill will be coming.
    • Today's dedicated ID thief, armed with a few details about you, can easily trawl databases to discover more, and so open new credit accounts in your name.
    • A fraudster who created a string of false identities to open credit accounts was finally caught after her partner betrayed her, a court heard.
    • Two or three had lost money, but the remainder found that payment had not been taken from their credit accounts.
    • Both banks are confining interest rate-bearing credit accounts to business customers who use the banks' online services and neither have plans to extend it to personal current accounts.
    • Another nice feature is the ability to split transactions, so you can include several debit or credit accounts in a transaction.
    • This had the effect of endearing me to the regular crowd almost immediately and caused them to welcome me with open arms, and equally open credit accounts.
    • Later that day, she found that all women's credit accounts had been canceled and could only be accessed by their husbands or male kin.
    • Armed with that kind of background, ingenious thieves can forge fresh identities and plunder people's bank and credit accounts.