Translation of credit event in Spanish:

credit event

evento de crédito, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkredɪt əˌvent/


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    evento de crédito masculine
    • To the extent that there are unexpected levels of downgrades, we may not need to see any loss for there to be some sort of credit event.
    • Returns on the bonds will also diminish if any of the 100 firms suffer a credit event - defined by StanChart as bankruptcy, failure to pay debts or a serious restructuring - during the 10-year period.
    • The implosion of the TMT sector in 2000 and that sector's continued weakness raise the concern that further equity price corrections could cascade across markets and thereby trigger liquidity and/or credit events.
    • Italy needs to focus on structural reforms since a credit event in the country is a key danger.
    • Spanish five-year government bond yields rose in line with 10-year bonds on Tuesday in a sign that markets were preparing for the risk of a big credit event.