Traducción de creditor en Español:


acreedor, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkrɛdədər/ /ˈkrɛdɪtə/

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    acreedor masculino
    acreedora femenino
    • Profits from the new company would be used to pay back farmer creditors some of the money due to them.
    • The retailer may then transfer that value electronically either to his creditors or to his bank account.
    • You drastically cut back on basic necessities such as food or travel to pay creditors.
    • Corporations in need of funds have to convince creditors to lend them money.
    • I now realised that I had no way of keeping up my payments to my creditors and the debt management companies.
    • The company met with creditors this week to discuss its business strategy for the next three years.
    • Shortly after this, the company goes into liquidation and there is not enough money to pay the creditors.
    • A creditor would have to hire a lawyer in the other jurisdiction and begin the court case all over again.
    • Once you have dealt with your priority creditors, write to all your other creditors.
    • Sometimes the debtor has to bear severe loss, while the creditor goes on minting money.
    • The majority of creditors are large corporations and insurance and reinsurance companies.
    • If you make arrangements to pay some creditors but not others, you could run into difficulties again.
    • You can then work out how much to offer to pay each of your creditors on a monthly basis so they each get a share of your available income.
    • It means that you can make a formal proposal to your creditors to pay part or all of your debts.
    • If your name is on any of the letters, write to the creditors for copies of your credit agreements.
    • The bank first borrows from the saver and then loans the money to the creditor.
    • Presumably I shall be low down the list when it comes to settling creditors.
    • As an unsecured creditor, you might consider taking legal action to recover your debt.
    • In most cases, bankrupts will have to make payments to creditors from their income for three years.
    • The creditor could sue the debtor, sell the mortgage securities or sue the surety.