Translation of credulity in Spanish:


credulidad, n.

Pronunciation /krəˈd(j)ulədi/ /krɪˈdjuːlɪti/

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    credulidad feminine
    • At one extreme, it is used to represent the unswerving conviction and absolute credulity of the true believer.
    • Questions of seeing, believing, and credulity are explored in all of the essays and projects in this issue.
    • It would strain anyone's therapeutic credulity to believe that Audrey needed no further help.
    • It strains credulity to believe that these guys were doing this from any altruistic motive.
    • One is amazed at the extent of the media's ignorance and credulity.
    • Celebrity endorsements of good causes are sometimes characterised by both ignorance and credulity.
    • Those were dear good people but they must have carried simplicity and credulity to the limit.
    • As students of urban folklore know, legends are perpetuated for reasons other than simple credulity.
    • By the end of the book, readers will have encountered many illustrations of the incredible credulity and cruelty that are among the most tragic of our species' traits.
    • When fictional characters conquer our credulity to this extent, the likelihood is that they stand for some big idea that might, we think, make the world a better place.
    • To hear him now blame others for their credulity is breathtaking.
    • Nevertheless, the script as it stands strains credulity.
    • You see, citizens had been pushed to such extremes of cynicism that this latest transparent assault on their credulity was enough to break them.
    • The crime stands beyond credulity or forgiveness.
    • This stretches credulity well past breaking point.
    • It would really stretch credulity to suggest that it could.
    • The truth is a tale of invented history and human credulity.
    • All that said, the prosecution's version of events seems to stretch credulity.
    • Promising to abolish it would have stretched credulity too far.
    • The amazing credulity of the customers didn't just apply to the product itself, but to the company.