Traducción de creel en español:


nasa, n.

Pronunciación /kril/ /kriːl/

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    nasa femenino
    • Most of the larger boats use single trawls while the smaller inshore vessels often fish by dropping creels in what supporters describe as a truly sustainable fishery.
    • I slipped the kokanee into a plastic bag, wishing that I hadn't lost the old wicker creel that was companion to Grandfather's cane fly rod, and our last fishing trip was over.
    • Planting those in my dear hubby's fishing creel will be a piece of cake.
    • Photography even substantiated claims of overflowing creels.
    • He walked a few paces away and snagged the creel he'd been using.
    • It might feel goofy, but crawling around the banks on your knees, hiding behind trees, and using the river's steep gradients to remain concealed can ensure a stocked creel.
    • She stands robustly by her creel, knife and oyster in her hands.