Traducción de creep en español:


arrastrarse, v.

Pronunciación /krip/ /kriːp/

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verbo intransitivo crept, crept

  • 1

    • 1.1(crawl)

      the fox crept under the fence el zorro pasó arrastrándose por debajo de la cerca
      • we crept along on all fours avanzamos a / en cuatro patas
      • Sometimes, when Josie knew know no one would notice, she'd creep downstairs to the kitchen as quiet as a mouse and tiptoe out the back door when the cook wasn't looking.
      • As Jack slowly crept forward he heard a soft buzzing off in the corner.
      • After signaling everyone to stay outside, I carefully crept back into my room where I heard them discussing, yet again, me.
      • She carefully crept down the hall, making sure to avoid the creaky floorboards, towards Jordan's office.
      • Slowly and carefully, I crept over the back of the couch to go see it.
      • I creep downstairs, cringing at the creaking of every hardwood step as I make my way down.
      • Quietly, so Chase would not hear her downstairs, she crept over to the window and looked out.
      • She carefully crept onto the bed and put her arms around him.
      • Not bothering to fix his bed, he carefully crept out of his room.
      • That night, at midnight, Jon crept carefully into the Princess's chambers.
      • She carefully crept around them and made her way to Fiona.
      • She carefully crept forward and jumped down a small hole, disappearing into the darkness with a small splash.
      • Rochelle heard them and crept softly into the kitchen, just as Angel turned away.
      • Without a sound Elizabeth slipped into the house and carefully crept through the kitchen and then up the stairs.
      • I dropped my counseling folder onto the desk and walked outside silently, carefully creeping around the corner.
      • Early the next morning she crept downstairs and picked up the broken pieces of the mirror, drove to the lake and threw them all into the river.
      • Much later, he crept downstairs and drank from his water dish, but he wasn't his old self and took no notice of me.
      • The next day Annabelle crept slowly around the castle, trying to avoid going to see Adrian at all.
      • Slowly he crept towards Lana, conscious of his every move, careful not to make a sound.
      • He carefully slid out from under the boxes and slowly crept over to the desk, one eye on the door, the other on the bookcases.
      • At some points the cave walls crept slowly closer to the path we walked, before steering away again into the distance.
      • As the morning slowly crept forward, more and more things began to stir.
      • The bus crept slowly through the viscous traffic pouring into the city.
      • Time crept slowly by as my thoughts flashed over the good day I had enjoyed.
      • I can feel the sense of wellness slowly creeping back into my bones.
      • And then, ever so slowly, a smile crept across her face.
      • The sunlight crept through my eyelids slowly as I regained consciousness.
      • Slowly the sand crept over him and he gave in to the cocooned abyss.
      • Slowly, a notion crept across his brain; this strange language was not entirely unknown to him.
      • The night crept on slowly, bringing with it the orchestra of crickets outside and echoing sounds in the store.
      • Slowly darkness crept over and covered her surroundings until nothing but shadows where visible.
      • As the sun's first rays slowly crept over the horizon, he began to speak.
      • Exhaustion slowly crept over her and she decided to rest in the parlor so that if her help was needed she'd be ready.
      • The bedroom door slowly crept opened as the mid-morning sunlight bled into the dingy space.
      • As the sun crept its way slowly into her view, she saw the same picture reflected in the lake's surface.
      • I had trouble keeping my eyes off the clock as the time slowly crept forward.
      • Tears slowly crept down her face as she battled between what she saw and what he was saying.
      • Slowly, as June crept on, life began to take on some semblance of normalcy for most of the residents of London.
      • Time crept as slowly as the shadow on a sundial and my precious dreams were jigsawed around me.
      • A shooting star was slowly creeping across the sky.

    • 1.2(move stealthily)

      to creep into/out of a room entrar en/salir de un cuarto sigilosamente
      • I crept past the doorway pasé sigilosamente por delante de la puerta
      • a note of suspicion crept into his voice se empezó a notar un elemento de sospecha en su voz
      • several mistakes have crept in se han deslizado varios errores

    • 1.3(move slowly)

      the water crept higher el agua iba subiendo poco a poco
      • prices continue to creep up los precios siguen subiendo lentamente
      • despair crept over her la desesperación se fue apoderando de ella
      • creeping inflation/unrest creciente inflación/malestar

    • 1.4(grow, spread)

      (plant/vine) trepar
      • Branches and trunks twist and bend as they grow, creeping horizontally along the ground as well as reaching toward the sky.
      • This plant is happy to creep along the ground or to climb into trees and into hedges.
      • Because of the harsh environment, most plants that survive in the tundra are dwarfed, and many have stems that creep along the ground.
      • It can also reproduce asexually using stems that creep along the ground and establish new roots, giving rise to its name.
      • Vines crept apace along neighborhood fences, their flowers still opening in the warm mornings.
      • Or arrange them on packed soil so you can grow plants such as creeping thyme in wider spaces between them.
      • This beautiful plant has two pink bell-like flowers on a slender stem and a thicker stem below, which creeps along forming small mats of the plant.
      • When the seed sprouts and the vine begins to creep along the ground, it seems it will never quit (similar to other squash).
      • The trees were tall and vast, of tropical origin, with vines hanging from the branches and creeping along the damp earth.
      • It has short, creeping rhizomes from which new shoots arise each year, and is an attractive species with horticultural potential.
      • Bright green baby's tears, blue star creeper, and creeping thyme grow below them.
      • He pulled up to a huge gate, covered in rose vines creeping along the steel bars.
      • Moss has crept between the bricks until it's impossible to distinguish old sections of paving from new.
      • There were potted plants here and there; hanging plants and creeping vines.
      • Low, mounding chamomile and creeping thymes grow between the nemesias.
      • Allow creeping vines to run along the ground in areas that are difficult to mow.
      • Thick moss layered the rest of the floor like a carpet, occasional vines of twisting colored flowers creeping over the vibrant green.
      • As culinary plants, most creeping thymes tank far below the English and French thymes, or the best-flavored citrus strains.
      • Genie unraveled the huge vines that crept along the wall and revealed a door.
      • Once you have the rocks in place, plant some ivy and creeping violets throughout, so that it will spill over the rocks.

  • 2Britanico coloquial

    (ingratiate oneself)
    to creep to sb adular a algn
    coloquial hacerle la pelota a algn
    coloquial hacerle la pata a algn
    coloquial chuparle las medias a algn


  • 1 coloquial

    • 1.1(unpleasant person)

      asqueroso masculino
      asquerosa femenino
      • Unfortunately, these creeps are hiding behind the First Amendment and doing things that in no civilized society should be tolerated.
      • Guys aren't the only insensitive creeps out there.
      • I like the creeps and weirdos on public transport.
      • I'll tell you why guys are so fickle at times, if you'll tell me why so many cool girls go ga-ga over creeps.
      • Economists are, in short, more likely than you or I to be selfish creeps.
      • He was worshipped by cartoon creeps and hot-rod hooligans alike.
      • Indigenous people who I tell these things to find it spooky, and I have to admit that it's not fun being stalked by creeps.
      • Why did that little creep have to be right about everything?
      • You're such a heartless creep, I don't know why I put up with you.
      • Wendy took off, wailing and crying about me being some heartless creep with no consideration for her feelings.
      • And if some heartless creep makes rude remarks that hurt your friend, you are not responsible for his actions.
      • Even if this guy was a total creep, maybe his superiors would be better.
      • Besides, if the guy was a creep, he would have done something last night.
      • It's hard to screen out the creeps and the perverts and the losers while holding out hope you'll some day meet Mr. Right.
      • On this issue, I hope that they stir things up so that the creep gets what he deserves, and that organ donation also gets a run out of this terrible tragedy.
      • Falling onto the floor, I heard that creep laugh and he ran away.

    • 1.2(favor-seeking person)

      pelota masculino, femenino España coloquial
      chupamedias masculino, femenino Cono Sur, Venezuela coloquial
      adulador masculino
      aduladora femenino
      lambiscón masculino México coloquial
      lambiscona femenino México coloquial
      lambón masculino Colombia coloquial
      lambona femenino Colombia coloquial
      • I guess some people thought I was a creep, offering sycophantic praise of someone who happens to be my boss.

  • 2Britanico

    vehículo lento masculino
    creep lane carril para vehículos lentos