Translation of creeping paralysis in Spanish:

creeping paralysis

parálisis progresiva, n.


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    parálisis progresiva feminine
    • Symptoms include fever and creeping paralysis from the feet upwards, all of which the patient has shown.
    • The usual prognosis is gradual immobility, followed by creeping paralysis, leading eventually to death by suffocation or pneumonia as the respiratory muscles seize up.
    • There is no antidote or cure for powerful vincristine being injected through the spine, just an agonising, creeping paralysis of the body until the heart finally stops.
    • Secondly, he is gravely ill and is confined to a wheelchair with a type of creeping paralysis that normally cuts the lives of its victims very short.
    • The apprentice mechanic died almost a month later, suffering from a slow and agonising creeping paralysis of his body.