Translation of Creole in Spanish:


criollo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkriˌoʊl/ /ˈkriːəʊl/

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    criollo masculine
    criolla feminine
    • The Creoles, the black people of the Caribbean region, are the descendants of colonial-era slaves, Jamaican merchants, and West Indian laborers.
    • Black Creoles and Garifunas, the descendants of Caribbean slaves, mix with Miskito, Rama, and Sumu Indians, who have lived on the land for hundreds of years.
    • It is the native tongue of the Creoles, blacks who came from Jamaica and other islands colonized by the British.
    • Free Creoles were of mixed African and European descent.
    • Like many Caribbean Creoles, Papiamento is odd and surprising.
    • Just to hear St. Lucians relax in their Creole is a real treat for first time visitors.
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    criollo masculine