Traducción de crime-fighting en español:


lucha contra la delincuencia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkraɪmˌfaɪdɪŋ/


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    lucha contra la delincuencia femenino
    • Research had shown that street-level police culture rested on an action and crime-fighting orientation.
    • Smaller communities could lose out on crime-fighting cash if police forces are merged in our region, MPs warned today.
    • Colchester police want to establish crime-fighting business watches in the borough.
    • Following the success of the first Copshop, a second Copshop was added to Bolton Police's crime-fighting armoury.
    • An article in the match programme highlighted the new crime-fighting tool and in future it will be on advertising boards around the ground.
    • The company is responsible for laying the fibre optics vital for crime-fighting surveillance.
    • Towns taking part in the scheme must achieve high standards with businesses, police and other crime-fighting organisations working closely together.
    • Criminals are being warned that Police, Camera, Action-style crime-fighting is coming to Swindon.
    • The late '70s was an era when chicks ruled television, especially crime-fighting action chicks.
    • The United States also agreed to help train Mexican authorities in crime-fighting techniques.
    • Mr Crook said people could approach the police, or crime-fighting organisation Safer York Partnership, in confidence if they wished.
    • Now renamed Marley, he is the latest addition to the Greater Manchester Police four-legged crime-fighting team.
    • The latest in crime-fighting communications technology can save a police officer's life by enabling colleagues to find him through a GPS transmitter in his handset.
    • He always had good legal and crime-fighting advice, and could tell us what the police could and couldn't do.
    • Federal funds also supported a variety of local programs that allowed the police to be more aggressive in their crime-fighting strategies.
    • He said better results at crime-fighting could be realised if resources in the police service were better utilised and managed.
    • It was declared by police chiefs as the best crime-fighting weapon since the development of DNA analysis.
    • Police have revealed what an average weekend of crime-fighting means for officers at the front line in Swindon.
    • They became more for show than for crime-fighting.
    • Suddenly, he has spider speed and crime-fighting strength.