Traducción de crime wave en Español:

crime wave

ola delictiva, n.


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    ola delictiva femenino
    • The area has become the target of a sudden crime wave.
    • Truth be told, the Society would have placed someone in the area to stem the crime wave.
    • This crime wave happened during a period of economic recession with high inflation and increasing unemployment.
    • Whatever we may choose to think, our crime wave is not isolated, or, in fact, alien, to this country.
    • The police in Sheffield have started using parking meters that talk when you pay to grab people's attention and turn around a crime wave.
    • The media raises a ruckus about destroyed lives and a rampant crime wave, and blames a substance for those problems.
    • The country is in flames, racked by a guerrilla war, a continual crime wave and a foreign military occupation.
    • This is not to over-simplify the crime wave that's sweeping through the country with no apparent abatement.
    • Most citizens blame the worsening crime wave on the financial crisis.
    • The crime wave was finally ended after he was caught on video trying to use a credit card he had stolen during one of the burglaries.
    • In a bid to end the crime wave, police this week reiterated warnings to drivers to make sure keys are stored securely.
    • He made the point during the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing yesterday, when asked about the spiralling crime wave.
    • Bahamian society needs economic reform to stem the crime wave.
    • Their crime wave began in January 2001 and ended in March this year following a crackdown by Grampian Police.
    • Hussey said the residents decided to put up the structure because of the severe crime wave which has plagued the area in the last 18 months.
    • A crime wave has left the Baltimore police in the dark.
    • The crime wave has been attributed to the arrival of out-of-town troublemakers.
    • He traveled to San Antonio today, there to talk with his counterpart from Mexico on the crime wave that is threatening U.S. security.
    • There have been 20 shootings in Limerick already this year, sparking fears that the city's image will suffer in the latest crime wave.
    • It's a massive bust, but still the meth crime wave is escalating.