Translation of Crimean in Spanish:


Pronunciation /kraɪˈmiən/ /krʌɪˈmiːən/


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    the Crimean War la guerra de Crimea
    • This was his verdict on the lush sub-tropical vegetation of the exotic Crimean Riviera.
    • Then he went with his family to his Crimean dacha to take a short holiday.
    • The Crimean khanate, a vassal state of the Ottomans, succeeded the Golden Horde after 1475.
    • The Krym are from the Crimean peninsula of present-day Ukraine.
    • Parliament voted money for memorials to a few of the officers who died in the Napoleonic and Crimean conflicts.
    • They easily defeated him, and forced him to retreat to his Crimean kingdom.
    • Queen Victoria described the Crimean conflict as 'popular beyond belief'.
    • Ukraine is mostly flat and sometimes hilly, with the Ukrainian Carpathian mountains in the south west and the Crimean mountains in the south.
    • I found myself, a 10-rouble bill in hand, in front of a kiosk selling the Crimean meat pasty.
    • In 1854, a fierce storm sank a French warship along with 38 merchant vessels in a Crimean port.