Translation of criminal in Spanish:


delincuente, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɪm(ə)n(ə)l/ /ˈkrɪmɪn(ə)l/

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    delincuente masculine, feminine
    (serious offender) criminal masculine, feminine
    • One of the uses of capital punishment is to deter other criminals from committing more crimes.
    • Most heroin users were criminals who committed crimes before they ever used drugs.
    • A threat as harsh as death to all that commit a serious crime would deter some criminals.
    • This is the most horrible crime in humanity that's been committed by those criminals.
    • I would also say that criminals who commit the most severe crimes lose their right to live.
    • Crime is flexible and criminals would soon find a way of dealing with greater surveillance.
    • They all folded up on themselves and became a puzzle of incongruous crimes and criminals.
    • They are tough on crime and criminals but what they can't contemplate are the causes.
    • They are anxious not to upset anybody these days, even thugs and criminals.
    • They were just thugs and criminals who have now seen that justice can and will be done.
    • Of course they can be dangerous if used by criminals or the criminally irresponsible.
    • Nor is it a police action against a random assortment of criminals or criminal gangs.
    • Why do we single out sex offenders as necessarily different from other criminals?
    • There are few offenders more despicable than criminals who prey on the elderly and infirm.
    • As I said before these people are criminals and murderers and should be treated as such.
    • The old idea of criminals and drug dealers is not the way that these people do business anymore.
    • She said that if the worst crime hot spots were being tackled the criminals moved further afield.
    • We join forces with others to reduce crime, the number of criminals and victims.
    • The idea was to deter criminals with the ever-present threat of death for their crimes.
    • People are fed up that when the police do catch criminals the punishment never seems to fit the crime.


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    (of crime)
    (act) delictivo
    (case) criminal
    (bankrupcy) fraudulento
    (organization/mind) criminal
    criminal code código penal
    • criminal conviction condena
    • criminal court juzgado en lo penal
    • to start criminal proceedings against sb iniciar proceso penal / enjuiciamiento contra algn
    • The crimes include shoplifting, assault, public order offences, theft and criminal damage.
    • After the verdict, he revealed that Bailey had a long record for theft, criminal damage and car crime.
    • He faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison for each of the spamming and criminal conspiracy offences.
    • When he broke into Ray's house, Martin could be committing the crimes of burglary and criminal damage.
    • If that is the case then it is a criminal offence and a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.
    • She was subject to a community rehabilitation order imposed just six weeks earlier for criminal damage offences.
    • She had previously pleaded guilty to several offences, including shoplifting and criminal damage to a taxi.
    • A police spokesman said the dozen were being held in relation to suspected offences of assault and criminal damage.
    • The barrister also says that his actions could amount to conspiracy to commit criminal damage.
    • Claire had been arrested and bailed earlier on the day of her death for a previous criminal damage offence on a bus stop in Bolton.
    • The community does not report offences of criminal damage to police as they apparently show little interest.
    • They have admitted conspiracy to commit criminal damage to motor vehicles.
    • This has been attributed to a rise in criminal damages offences which made up a quarter of all recorded crime.
    • Sentences handed out would be geared to local crime priorities such as graffiti, criminal damage and car crime.
    • Burglary, theft, criminal damage and robbery showed a seven per cent reduction.
    • Making homosexuality illegal or a criminal offence does not make it disappear.
    • Previously we have addressed burglary, criminal damage and speeding vehicles.
    • Since the New Year police have received several reports of burglaries and criminal damage.
    • Reports of criminal damage and persistent vandalism were also relayed to councillors.
    • He called on the public to report any instances of criminal damage or vandalism.
    • Should the rules for disclosure be different for civil and criminal matters?
    • The principles applied by the civil / criminal court are sound and based on experience and aim at doing justice.
    • It is important to note, however, that the right covers civil as well as criminal litigation.
    • It authorizes the court to issue an order, backed by civil and criminal sanctions, for a monthly allowance.
    • The Court specifically set out to deal with criminal matters even though it was an extradition case.
    • Whether it be a criminal trial or a civil matter, it is the way things look.
    • The normal rule is that the Crown does not ask for nor pay the costs unless statute provides for it in criminal matters.
    • He was a great judge in criminal matters and he knew about Parliament.
    • The order is not a sentence, but a civil restriction which criminal courts can now grant when passing sentence.
    • These offices are civil judges, criminal judges and administrative judges.
    • The police say they are still ‘trying to sort out whether it is a criminal or a civil matter’.
    • Is there some statutory provision in this State that governs costs in criminal matters?
    • It is also worth noting that each of these sources of law can provide for both civil and criminal rules.
    • In the criminal court, if matters are not heard within 18 months, they are thrown out.
    • So just what is this court that can produce results at a rate civil and criminal courts could only marvel at?
    • The legal system is based on the French model, with both civil and criminal courts.
    • He said that filing a civil claim during a criminal trial was standard court procedure.
    • Can disciplinary proceedings be taken for the same offence after an acquittal in the criminal courts?
    • The duty may be enforced by either civil or criminal proceedings against the parents.
    • Two cases brought before the criminal appeal court were lost yesterday.
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    vergonzoso informal