Traducción de criminologist en Español:


criminólogo, n.

Pronunciación /ˌkrɪmɪˈnɑlədʒəst/ /ˌkrɪmɪˈnɒlədʒɪst/

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    criminólogo masculino
    criminóloga femenino
    • The practical influence of criminologists has not been confined to shaping government policy via high-profile institutions.
    • Yet according to cultural criminologists, these societal processes alone cannot explain the meaning or situational dynamic of shoplifting.
    • Additionally, criminologists have argued that a major cause in crime prevention is the reduction of child neglect.
    • According to criminologists, serious crime is actually falling.
    • In recent years, some criminologists have also explored the ways in which some forms of culture come to be constructed as crime.
    • Taken together, the work of these various agencies and individuals points to the fact that crime has never been the concern of criminologists and criminal justice professionals alone.
    • I'm not a criminologist, but I believe that most criminals simply think they will get away with it.
    • I'd been told by various criminologists and judges that there are three principles behind sentencing which are: retribution, rehabilitation and deterrents.
    • The fundamental task of criminologists was thus widely perceived to be to search for the 'causes of crime'.
    • Jurists and criminologists concluded that family disintegration was the primary source of juvenile crime.