Translation of cringe in Spanish:


encogerse, v.

Pronunciation /krɪndʒ/ /krɪn(d)ʒ/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (shrink, cower)
    (dog/victim) encogerse
    to cringe at sth
    • The boy cringed away but remained defiant, his anger driving the fear out of him.
    • He cringed away from Arun, eyes wide, then blinked and appeared to recognize the trapper.
    • When I did not, his hands tightened around my mouth and arm until I cringed away in pain.
    • Dimitri cringed away from the raging monster and quickly stumbled towards the door.
    • When he reached out to take her hand, she cringed away from him and fisted her skirt.
    • He cringed away from the sound and the feel of it, causing the papers to fall to the floor.
    • First I will look down, so that every cell in my body cringes with the awareness that I am doing this to myself, that this is wholly my choice; then I will step out into nothingness.
    • The six-storey tall screen captures the demonic fury of the falls in such realistic detail that you cringe with fear as you watch it.
    • Ideal as a watchdog, this dog will neither be aggressive nor cringe with fear on accosting a stranger.
    • When Nikki rotated his ankle the opposite direction, he cringed and his whole body tensed.
    • Jordan cringed with fear as she watched the officer's face grow red with anger.
    • Death seemed to stalk her soul and she cringed in fear of it but that served as a powerful form of motivation.
    • Kokon and Tona cringed in fear that their master might turn on them and kill them.
    • Petal, crouching in the corner, the sheets around her naked body, cringed.
    • She cringed for she feared that something far more terrible was going to happen.
    • But as much as I love him, I cringe in fear every time I see him.
    • The word die seemed to hang in the air like an evil spell, a black enchantment that clutched at their hearts, made their mortal souls cringe with fear.
    • They have a field day when they see decent people cringe in fear or are immobilised by the power of fear itself.
    • He tracks them down into an underground bar where they cower and cringe when they spot him entering the room.
    • Bojangles, the Mecca for all the crims and drug freaks, is the venue to make any family or business man cringe with fear and disgust.
  • 2

    to cringe before sb arrastrarse ante algn
    his cringing behavior makes me sick su actitud servil / rastrera me da asco