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crinolina, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkrɪn(ə)lən/ /ˈkrɪn(ə)lɪn/

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    crinolina femenino
    miriñaque masculino
    • She also sells pointed boots, tight black trews, crinolines, and hooped corsets along with jewellery and accessories hinting at pagan and alternative sub-cultures.
    • And just like on that June morning 150 years ago, Charlotte paraded from her home, down cobbled School Street into the church, where the congregation had swapped jeans and sweatshirts for Victorian crinolines and tail coats.
    • At the National Theatre, completed in the 1970s, the dressing rooms are so minute that actresses wearing period costumes with crinolines find it easier to dress in the corridor.
    • Everything in the shop is handpicked vintage couture, collector pieces (like a variety of crinolines, ball gowns, glittery jeweled handbags, rare footwear), and different genres and styles of kitsch fashion.
    • It is always interesting to watch old movies and see women who clean houses in silk dresses and crinolines.
    • Sharp metal splinters from old farm contraptions clawed at their clothes and crinolines stacked like fish traps.
    • However, when fashion decreed crinolines, bustles, and fussy late-Victorian frills and flounces, Australia tried to follow.
    • It also looks at crinolines (more inconvenient than painful and dangerous - although they did have a tendency to catch fire) and bustles.
    • By 1863 he found that his little oils of ladies in their crinolines strolling along the beach were becoming popular with Trouville's tourist population, and he worked largely in Trouville until the early 1870s.
    • Among many other initiatives, within months she had installed windlass lifts for the food, banned the dirt-carrying crinolines worn by the nursing staff, piped hot water and cut up worn chair covers for dishcloths.
    • At that time, a film in which adulterers are the protagonists must have ruffled some crinolines.
    • There are groups with jolly ladies-in-waiting in colorful crinolines attended by adoring cavaliers, as well as court jesters.
    • Maddeningly, her beautiful new State Ballroom, designed for the sedate line dances of a century earlier, was far too narrow for crinolines and whirling couples.
    • The evolution of fashion away from coattails for men and billowing crinolines for women put pockets nearer the body and less pickable.
    • She would wear crinolines at parties, and would wear pretty white dresses bedecked with pretty pastel coloured ribbons.
    • She also sings rather well, with a husky, sensual tone hinting at a passion lurking under all those crinolines.
    • The piece may surprise those who associate opera with fat divas in crinolines.
    • The skirt actually had a crinoline under it, and it rustled when I moved.