Traducción de crisis en español:


crisis, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkraɪsɪs/ /ˈkrʌɪsɪs/

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nombreplural crises

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    crisis femenino
    an emotional/identity crisis una crisis emocional/de identidad
    • a state of crisis un estado de crisis
    • in time of crisis en época de crisis
    • she's good in a crisis reacciona bien en los momentos difíciles
    • a crisis of confidence una crisis de confianza
    • to reach crisis point hacer crisis
    • I also have a good job and salary, which is enough to feed an entire family during the economic crisis.
    • But there is a very realistic danger that a cash crisis could trip them up on the way to the altar.
    • Generally the more extreme the economic crisis, the larger the war tends to be.
    • It adds to the current budget pressure due to the economic crisis and the mountain of public debt.
    • But the vast majority of humankind does not have such a luxury, and certainly not the hungry victims of wars, natural disasters, and economic crises.
    • This never rose sufficiently to do more than postpone a new phase of intense economic crisis.
    • The derivatives market doubled in size in the four years after the crisis that exposed its dangers.
    • The polarization crisis is more intense within countries and cities than between them.
    • Niger has been plagued by ecological disaster, economic crises, and political uncertainty.
    • And if he goes on long enough there is bound to be an economic crisis which will undermine the Chancellor.
    • It was a speech devoid of any new proposals and lacking even a hint of comprehension of the intense political, economic and social crises that are racking American society.
    • At a time when new dangers and crises are proliferating rapidly, this schism could have serious consequences.
    • Further political crises and intense struggles are thereby pre-ordained.
    • The alternative is what we now have; an engagement with the world in all of its dangers, crises and threats.
    • Ministers thought he just didn't want to be blamed for the economic crisis that seemed to be enveloping the country.
    • The new way of doing things has roots not in politics but in the economic crisis itself.
    • The man has to be ready to deal with an economic crisis which can harm the entire country.
    • This is on top of an economic crisis that cut the value of the lira in half against the dollar.
    • The economic crisis and poor law enforcement are the two main obstacles in his path.
    • Here is a checklist of the flashpoints to watch out for in the current crisis as the months roll by.