Traducción de crisply en español:


resueltamente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈkrɪspli/


  • 1

    (say/walk) resueltamente
    • She taps out her rhythms crisply.
    • The staging is also serviceable but uninspiring, with scene changes needing to be made more crisply.
    • The film moves quickly and crisply, never losing the audience.
    • The film moves along crisply and the familiar ground is covered in an entertaining fashion.
    • "I am not," he responds crisply.
    • They stood to attention while they were being crisply briefed.
    • "Well, some people do, some people don't - that's the beauty of society," he replied rather crisply.
    • She introduced herself crisply.
    • He made the decision and gave his orders crisply down the phone.
    • We were crisply ushered to the plush elevator that politely transported us vertically to the top.
  • 2

    (starched/ironed) con esmero
    • One figure stood out of the foreground, however, wearing a crisply starched white shirt and fixing the camera with a clear gaze.
    • The elderly Russian gentleman, wearing a crisply tailored dark suit and burgundy tie, walked slowly, with the help of his cane.
    • In the distance, a crisply turned out man walked briskly towards us.
    • She was a little taller than I was and wore a crisply pressed business suit.
    • She was quick to observe his crisply cut sandy-blonde hair and shy demeanor.
    • I admire the sweet servers, male and female alike crisply dressed in white shirts, black ties and long black aprons.
    • The staff were crisply turned out in black.
    • How relieved we felt with the first glimpse of his immaculate smile and his crisply ironed lab coat.
    • Their blond hair is tightly braided, and their outfits are crisply pressed.
    • A crisply dressed older man sits down in a barber's chair in a shop on 43rd Street.