Translation of crispy in Spanish:


crujiente, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɪspi/

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adjective crispier, crispiest

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    crocante River Plate
    • Decorate with a fresh raspberry, a mint leaf, or optionally crumble crispy cookies on top.
    • The crispy pork spare ribs, excited as I was to try them, didn't really deliver though.
    • The dish also included some crispy bacon.
    • Serve with good, crispy bread, strong extra-virgin olive oil and dried chillies to crumble on top.
    • Janet's brûlée was equally good with the crispy sugar topping crackling above a creamy smooth dessert.
    • They are coated in bread crumbs so that, like a schnitzel, a crispy crust encases the meat.
    • On inquiry we were told the latter was crispy bacon wrapped in sausage.
    • I ordered French toast with crispy bacon, maple syrup and hash brown potatoes.
    • The warm scones/biscuits were slightly crispy on the outside and perfectly soft inside.
    • The meat and vegetables in the sauces all tasted fresh, everything was hot and the fried food nice and crispy.
    • The crispy bacon and avocado salad was large in scale, but the ingredients were deliciously light.
    • Potatoes, chicken livers and crispy bacon go so well together, but only if you use the best fresh livers.
    • The mushroom risotto, served with anchovy sauce and a crispy crust, was superb.
    • The brown bread is soft and chewy with a yeasty flavour and a crispy crust.
    • The cake was crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside, and toe-curlingly rich.
    • This was a wonderful fusion of sweet and savoury with the coconut giving a delicate crispy crust.
    • Season with salt and pepper, stir in the parsley and top with the crispy bacon.
    • The bird, wrapped in crispy bacon, was served with a rich red wine and onion sauce.
    • The crispy crust is well filled, you can really taste the cheese and the onions have been properly fried to sweetness.
    • Towering waffles, crispy bacon, hash browns, maple syrup and litres of coffee are heaven on a plate.