Translation of critical angle in Spanish:

critical angle

ángulo crítico, n.


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    ángulo crítico masculine
    • For angles exceeding the critical angle, the refracted waves are evanescent and the reflectivity is very close to unity.
    • Compared with the intensity enhancement for total internal reflection (~ 4 times that of the incident light) at the critical angle, the enhancement for SPR can reach up to 20-30 times higher.
    • If the beam through m1 is greater than the critical angle, then the refracted beam will be reflected entirely back into m1 (total internal reflection), even though m2 may be transparent!
    • To minimize fluorescence from the sample and meet the total external reflection condition, the system features a slit that restricts beam divergence in the scattering plane to less than the critical angle for substrate reflectance.
    • The critical angle c below which x-rays can be efficiently scattered from smooth surfaces is quite small, hence the term grazing incidence.