Translation of critical path in Spanish:

critical path

camino crítico, n.


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    camino crítico masculine
    • The deterministic critical path is the critical path that is determined without the consideration of risk; it is the collection of tasks that determine the total completion time of the project.
    • To determine the critical path, the project team must identify assignments necessary for progress, particularly tasks that are essential to the successful outcome of the project.
    • Who is on the critical path in the business process?
    • The processor executes critical path computation instructions as long as a critical path instruction can be started without causing a pipeline stall.
    • Figure 10 is the stochastic critical path for a NASA space exploration mission.
    • There was no time to prepare specs, bids or permit applications; no time to negotiate fees, contracts or labor agreements; no time to develop management plans or critical paths.
    • The adjudicator used a different methodology to that which either party had put forward and made his own independent analysis of the critical path.
    • Academics and computer buffs used it but it was yet to become the critical path for business.
    • The whole development process was re-written and the critical path was changed.
    • Then compute the probability that the critical path will not fail.
    • Rigid strategic planning methods, such as those using the critical path method coupled with risk analysis, have proven inadequate for the high complexity and dynamics of large public acquisition projects.
    • This technique provides an ability to identify those tasks on the critical path - a task or process for which any deviation in time will affect the overall process, activity, or project time.
    • Interdependence is cooperation on the critical path of the project as well as on functional systems with each participant still controlling their part of the project.
    • Needing people to inspect forms is a process bottleneck and not in the critical path.
    • The social informatics framework draws attention to actions, events, people and processes that are often ignored and allows explanations to be pursued and critical paths to be identified.
    • A successful program will minimize distractions, allowing management to concentrate on the critical paths that contain system components most sensitive to cost and schedule.
    • While the company bought some of the software from outside vendors, it is now focusing on building capacity in critical paths - and is continuously re-evaluating what those paths are.
    • We set priorities, milestones, critical paths and follow all the normal project framework you would expect.
    • Traditional management tools such as the program evaluation and review technique, the critical path method, or engineering management software are sufficient to establish most of the decision times in a program.
    • It identifies three dimensions along the critical path to be addressed: safety assessment, evaluation of medical utility, and product industrialization.