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crítica, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkrɪdəˌsɪzəm/ /ˈkrɪtɪsɪz(ə)m/

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    crítica femenino
    constructive/unfavorable criticism crítica constructiva/desfavorable
    • my only criticism is that it is too long mi única crítica es que es demasiado largo
    • Indeed, readers have written to the Evening Press expressing these very criticisms.
    • I think many of the criticisms expressed here hold a lot of water.
    • No criticisms were being made of the Defendants on the basis that they were negligent.
    • He is a friend of the West, and that is what makes his criticisms, when they come, so much more devastating.
    • He likes to get the criticisms in there before anyone else has a chance.
    • In fact half the respondents indicated they more or less agreed with the criticisms.
    • So now I'm waiting on them to return a report to me with all their criticisms and queries.
    • Despite these criticisms, the European governments stuck to the gradual approach.
    • His appeal to a wide section of the public naturally drew criticisms from the purists.
    • One of the criticisms of the Halberg Awards is that too few people decide who wins.
    • Bradford Council has rejected criticisms that it failed to follow planning guidelines.
    • At the Scottish parliament on Thursday, there were few criticisms of the move.
    • His irate criticisms flung from the directors' box or prompted by journalists are manifold.
    • I am going to come back to some of the criticisms about misconduct proceedings themselves in a moment.
    • That's two criticisms with no examples, and I just don't see what you mean at all.
    • With their constant criticisms of each other it is unlikely they can ever be on the same team.
    • But some of his criticisms about lack of professionalism at the club are well made.
    • Despite the bad weather and the criticisms, the players were lobbying for it.
    • He said he had not yet seen the report and was unaware of the criticisms.
    • Do you accept any of the criticisms he makes about the way he was treated and about the way the investigation was run?
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    (work of critic)
    crítica femenino
    • Indeed, philosophy should be a good deal more like literary or artistic criticism than it thinks it is.
    • Jung pointed to the decline over the past years in the fields of Austrian culture and artistic criticism.
    • The internet is a good stage for writers to receive criticism and support, and to improve quickly.
    • Elizabethan tragedy, on the contrary, doesn't demand so much explanatory criticism.
    • It opened a new vista in the area of art criticism in Tamil literature.
    • I need the support and the constructive criticism to keep me going!
    • I begin with some contextualization of what is at stake here for Milton criticism.
    • In this sense, literary and cultural criticism can be a useful diagnostic instrument.
    • It has taken highly specialised forms of criticism to separate creative writers from their critics.
    • The rule compels the writer to receive criticism in a workshop without responding.
    • There is not a word of serious analysis or criticism in the entire volume.
    • We needed opinions, and editing and criticism, just as we need in teaching in order to develop and perfect.
    • When they relate poetry to music, they invite harsh criticism on two fronts, not just one.
    • Feminist criticism has debated what difference it makes, what difference it should make, if the reader is a woman.
    • I asked them to write two sentences of alliterative art criticism.
    • Narrative criticism has made a major impact on study of the gospels.
    • The same cannot be said for criticisms which appeared in The Scotsman newspaper on Friday.
    • At the end of the film, he and one of the producers were really eager to hear the criticisms of the audience.
    • What is perhaps most dispiriting about this book is the tone of these criticisms.
    • But my really harsh criticisms of the film are kept for the film's attempts at meaning.