Translation of crockery in Spanish:


vajilla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɑk(ə)ri/ /ˈkrɒk(ə)ri/

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    vajilla feminine
    loza feminine
    • She was quite overcome by it all, real bone china crockery, real silver wear.
    • They had grabbed ten miniature Crown Derby items of crockery and nine Lladro pottery figures.
    • The youth group is collecting cracked and unwanted crockery for their china smashing stall, and a box for donations is in the church.
    • Items stolen include a set of Royal Doulton crockery in white with a light green pattern.
    • He was said to have smashed crockery at a dinner party.
    • You can trace history by finding cod bottles, ceramic beer bottles and jars, numerous items of crockery and even clay pipes.
    • She came to a stop by colliding with the kitchen draining board, sending her host's crockery crashing to the floor.
    • Inside the room one corner was taken up with a deep enamel sink and a small cupboard above for crockery.
    • I was explaining how you get more crockery in if you nest the little bowls inside the big bowls when I sensed that Mel was somehow not with me.
    • I realise not everyone gets excited about crockery, but I've always wanted a red bowl.
    • She could hear him pottering about the adjoining room, arranging crockery and cutlery.
    • Wedgwood greatly improved the clumsy ordinary crockery of the day, introducing durable, simple and regular wares.
    • To be served the meals on clean glazed crockery instead of the ubiquitous melamine is even more amazing.
    • The crockery has class and the beverages come in real crystal ware.
    • They smashed windows, three microwave ovens, tables, chairs, a breakfast bar and crockery.
    • A long oak table extended the length of it, on which was a comprehensive collection of crockery, cutlery and unopened bottles of wine and mead.
    • Domestics refused to handle their crockery and cutlery.
    • Accommodation in the economy units have no cutlery and crockery.
    • Mum used to get cross if he broke any of her crockery.
    • I can keep my crockery, glasses, pots and pans in the cupboards.