Traducción de cronyism en Español:


amiguismo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkroʊniˌɪzəm/ /ˈkrəʊnɪɪz(ə)m/

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    amiguismo masculino
    compadrismo masculino
    compadrazgo masculino
    • This is a government for the insiders, for political appointments and cronyism.
    • He announced that reform will indeed happen and there will be an end to cronyism in the appointment of judges.
    • Being from Chicago I can tell you that I have seen quite a bit of political corruption and cronyism.
    • In the past week, accusations of cronyism and sexual politics have turned the city hall press gallery upside down.
    • He also took them to task for their authority board appointments and suggested they operated a system of cronyism.
    • Corruption and cronyism have increased in the spheres of politics and business in an almost obscene fashion.
    • The whole culture of greed, arrogance, cronyism and corruption was marvellously encapsulated in that instructive episode.
    • The thing about corruption or cronyism is that it's almost impossible to prove, unless its done very incompetently.
    • Corruption, cronyism and all the usual accoutrements came in tow.
    • Now it's the code of connections, corruption, and cronyism that reigns supreme.
    • It's an invitation to cronyism and corruption or total ineffectuality.
    • The malpractices, incompetence, cronyism and corruption he rightly castigates are not a product of devolution.
    • An investigation by The Sunday Times in 2003 revealed that the honours system was corrupted by spin and cronyism.
    • The outcome is corruption and cronyism, which has implications for development.
    • The vote was a sign of weariness with rampant cronyism in government and a rapidly declining economy.
    • Charges of corruption, graft, and cronyism are common among government officials at all levels.
    • Sensitive to accusations of cronyism, he also wanted a non-political appointment.
    • The appointment sparked a furious row over cronyism and the use of public cash.
    • Allegations of bias, cronyism, and petty politicking have often tainted the results.
    • He came from privilege, yet fought for labor and against cronyism and corruption.