Traducción de croon en Español:


cantar con voz suave, v.

Pronunciación /krun/ /kruːn/

verbo intransitivo

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    cantar con voz suave
    • ‘Lovely Leia’ my Mamma would croon in a sing song voice to me as I lay curled in her lap.
    • ‘We learn to communicate as babies through crooning and singing from our mothers,’ he says.
    • Further, Jake does not just sing, he croons, swoons, bellows and lets it all loose.
    • Invite a Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist to croon with your best student bands and fill the theatre.
    • Most of the tunes are instrumental, though he drafts a few guest vocalists to quietly croon or blues-up the sound.
    • The female singer crooned, and the audience didn't miss a note.
    • The album comes to a perfect end with female vocals crooning about a spinning top slowly coming to a stop.
    • You're not just singing, you're crooning and your voice is all mellow and smooth and tastes like honey.
    • Should Australia's national anthem be sung straight or is it all right to warble, croon or rock it up?
    • On ‘Caught Between’, Eno's voice croons from the distance over slow shimmering beats, and minimal piano and guitar lines.
    • At the end, instead of a fat lady singing, we get a thinner but happier Watt contentedly crooning about how great it is to be alive.
    • His wife had snatched the child out of his arms one day as he sat on the doorstep crooning to it a song such as the mothers sing to babies in his mountains.
    • But it wasn't pitch-perfect crooning that made her such an icon.
    • I was pleasantly surprised when she crooned ditties sung by other playback singers in concerts.
    • I flopped onto my back and started crooning in my off key voice.
    • Indeed, singing seems to be something new to him - or perhaps it is just that his voice is not right for the tunes he is crooning.
    • And, odd as it may seem, his voice was strikingly beautiful as he crooned that line.
    • No amateur karaoke here, only recording contract voices crooning the classics accompanied by a really talented and funny pianist.
    • He croons the words mawkishly, holding the mike close to his mouth, keeping a straight face.
    • The karaoke-mad couple love nothing better than getting up and crooning hit songs.

verbo transitivo

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    cantar suavemente