Translation of cross-country in Spanish:


campo a través, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌkrɔsˈkəntri/ /ˌkrɒsˈkʌntri/


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    (across countryside)
    (route/drive) campo a través
    (route/drive) a campo traviesa
    (route/drive) a campo través
    (skiing) de fondo
    cross-country race cross
    • cross-country running cross
    • You don't need a mountain for cross-country skiing, just a snow covered area.
    • We'll stay in Oslo for a few days and then head up to a cabin in the mountains to try cross-country skiing.
    • Getting out onto a well-lit ski trail is one of the most pleasurable additions to cross-country skiing in recent years.
    • As in traditional competition, biathlon consists of cross-country skiing and shooting.
    • She once devoted an article to the pleasures and benefits of cross-country skiing.
    • The town has been busy this summer making preparations for cross-country skiing.
    • It would have been enough to send many Finnish boys running to the relative safety of cross-country skiing or even ice-hockey.
    • He loves Alaska, as do his two children who grew up fishing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing to school.
    • To get a taste of Olympic cross-country skiing, I didn't balk at a longer drive.
    • And cross-country skiing, or ski du fond, is one of the finest ways ever devised of experiencing that sense of well being only achieved through a good work out amongst sublime scenery.
    • It's best described as cross-country skiing without the skis.
    • One of the most exciting events was the biathlon, which combines cross-country skiing with shooting at targets at a range of 50m.
    • Many offer cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, sledding, horseback riding, and nature watching.
    • Our couples can also try night skiing, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, sleigh rides, ice climbing and snowboarding.
    • A cross-country skier herself, she advocates massage before hitting the trail.
    • The aim is to provide novice mountaineers with the basic skills and techniques of cross-country skiing, snow survival, mountaineering, and ice climbing.
    • There's no need for bulky ‘ski suits’ and the scenery in which cross-country skiing takes place in is breathtakingly spectacular.
    • If you can combine cross-country skiing and target shooting, why not chess and boxing?
    • Although the snow on downhill and cross-country courses can look smooth on television, under the microscope snow crystals are jagged and have varying water contents.
    • Winter sports include Nordic and cross-country skiing, ice skating, and ice hockey.
    • The day began with a short communion service followed by breakfast and a walk down the cross-country bridleway.
    • Armies made some use of lorries and staff cars, but practical cross-country vehicles, good roads and an associated infrastructure simply did not exist.
    • The first cousin to the tank: an armed and armoured, wheeled military vehicle, with a good road and limited cross-country ability.
    • Five days of riding, a full day hike, and some short cross-country walks.
    • It is easier than the showjumping medal event, but tough on a horse that has completed the arduous cross-country section just the day before.
    • He meets three men during a cross-country hike along a railroad track.
    • He does considerable cross-country driving, and wants comfort.
    • It was like I was walking cross-country with a full glass of water, juggling with the other hand, and on a unicycle.
    • In the summer, the hills offer a full range of mountain-biking opportunities, from serious alpine to cross-country routes.
    • The daily trek was two miles each way and taking the cross-country route they traversed five fields.
    • Around town, the vehicle always feels nippy and there is sufficient in reserve to undertake cross-country journeys without the slightest complaint.
    • One of the unique advantages is its remarkable cross-country capability through its specially designed suspension system.
    • Hopping over boulders for half-an-hour was a different type of cross-country travel, after re-discovering the leg muscles needed for a prolonged descent.
    • Taking a lady's racing bike cross-country over mud-churned cow paddocks is probably not in the manufacturer's recommendations.
    • The gearbox also has a low-range function - useful for towing cross-country.
    • For some reason, the first people to start walking towards the centre bypassed the roadblock and headed cross-country, making a beeline for the fence closest to the place where detainees were protesting.
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    (across a country)
    (tour/flight) de extremo a extremo del país
    • This will give me the perfect excuse to do my cross-country travelling.
    • He will be going on a cross-country tour.
    • Today, they embarked on a cross-country tour called ‘Believe In America.’
    • He's in the middle of a cross-country tour, speaking to business leaders.
    • And polls show the President's cross-country tour has not boosted support for private accounts a bit.
    • He is taking time off for a cross-country tour with his new stage show.
    • For example, here's a handy little guide I made for you to reference before embarking on any tedious cross-country road trip.
    • In December she's publishing a 2006 calendar, photographed on a 10-day cross-country road trip.
    • For one thing, cheap travel will become a thing of the past - goodbye backpacking trips to Bali and cross-country road trips.
    • He leaves home on his son's third birthday and begins a cross-country road trip to try to answer some of his nagging questions about himself.
    • His cross-country road trip started last Friday am and he's now West of Albequerque heading for Reno.
    • Whether your adventure is a weekend at the cottage, a camping getaway or a cross-country road trip, be prepared before you buckle up and head out on the highway.
    • The film catalogues his cross-country journey to confront old flames and discover the truth in a poignantly comedic way.
    • Joining Mark on his cross-country journey are two more DJs.
    • The President was back in the state where he spent that fateful morning, before being flown off on a zig-zag cross-country journey which finally took him back to Washington.
    • The movie's plot involves the cross-country journey that ensues when his bicycle is stolen.
    • It was the unexpected pot of gold at the end of his cross-country journey.
    • The daughter accompanies her father on a cross-country journey.
    • Later, they embark on a cross-country journey.
    • Get in touch with your inner travel bug - it can be as easy as exploring the next town over from yours or as complicated as convincing the folks that the family should take a cross-country trip.


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    (across countryside)
    (travel/drive) campo a través
    (travel/drive) a campo traviesa
    (travel/drive) a campo través
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    (across a country)
    (travel) a través del país


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    campo a través masculine
    cross-country masculine