Translation of cross-functional in Spanish:


interfuncional, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌkrɔːsˈfʌŋkʃənl/ /ˌkrɒsˈfʌŋkʃənl/


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    (approach/system) interfuncional
    • A good facilitator will be able to guide the cross-functional teams rather than lead them.
    • In practice involvement is mainly confined to cross-functional teams operating at relatively senior levels.
    • Assign joint deliverables to cross-functional teams in order to foster greater collaboration.
    • For example, evidence suggests that conventional bureaucratic organization hinders cross-functional integration.
    • It's a cross-functional approach to the total work environment.
    • CPM lends itself to team building, open communication, and cross-functional project management.
    • Students choose an area of global expertise as well as working in cross-functional and multinational teams in virtually every course.
    • She led a marketing group of six and a cross-functional senior management team of 25.
    • Our many years of corporate experience allow us to offer a unique cross-functional approach that applies these core competencies to very practical business questions.
    • We have a cross-functional group that meets every month.
    • When a company needs to make a major change in operating procedures, then a heavyweight, cross-functional team or unit is needed.
    • Data analysis points toward a need for extensive cross-functional expertise and training at a level beyond cursory familiarization or introductory exposure.
    • He works with members from various cross-functional groups - with internal audit and the insurance group, for example.
    • Other significant skills include: proficient time-management, business etiquette, and cross-cultural and cross-functional teambuilding skills.
    • A cross-functional team approach and supportive environment offer Eddie the flexibility to do the things he feels necessary in driving the business.
    • We have very strong cross-functional teams that operate at all of our sites.
    • The medical community stresses cross-functional capability.
    • Guide has organized its engineers into cross-functional teams that are dedicated to a specific project and remain with it from initial concept to product launch.
    • Likewise cross-functional teams are encouraged to utilize such data to analyse problems objectively as distinct from merely seeking scapegoats.
    • Cross-functional teams provide the mechanism for communication and problem solving.