Traducción de cross-refer en español:


Pronunciación /ˌkrɔsrəˈfər/

verbo transitivo cross-referring, cross-referred, cross-referred

  • 1

    to cross-refer sb to sth remitir a algn a algo
    to cross-refer sth to sth remitir de algo a algo
    • The final column sets out the reasons for accepting/rejecting each recommendation; where the proposal is to accept, this column merely cross-refers to the relevant reasoning contained in the Inspector's Report.
    • It expressly cross-refers to other material.
    • Extra officers have been drafted in to re-examine original crime scene evidence and to use the Holmes computer, not available in the 1970s, to cross-refer statements and patterns against police databases.
    • Each instance of export will be cross-referred with the register maintained by the Economy Ministry to verify whether a transaction deals with goods of potential dual use.
    • That cross-referred to an interview inside which noted that York's great dame has a passion for needlework.
    • There are 80 poems and a Prologue but they don't usually read as individually complete poems - they cross-refer, build up, pull in different directions.
    • It can cross-refer to the Herald's property pages, and then to a website with editorial on home improvements.
    • Before you know it, government agencies will be able to cross-refer our identity biometrics with our credit rating with our exact location in the country at will.
    • This will also cross-refer with the introduction of biometric passports for all UK citizens from 2008.
    • Crucially, make sure the seller's name and address are the ones on the V5 and cross-refer all paperwork.
    • Ignoring the chronology, it extended to some 149 paragraphs and cross-referred to dozens of the documents in the lever arch file exhibits.
    • When looking at Clause 19.5, it was significant that it cross-referred to Clause 19.6.
    • In very large cellars and in commercial ones where the bin contents changed frequently, it was established practice to use circular bin labels with numbers that would cross-refer to the cellar records.
    • Perhaps what should be considered is a better system for cross-referring reports, precluding duplication.
    • The fragments form a cross-referring network rather than a linear argument.