Translation of cross section in Spanish:

cross section

sección, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɑs ˌsɛkʃ(ə)n/ /ˈkrɒs ˌsɛkʃ(ə)n/

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(British cross-section)
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    Biology Mechanics
    sección feminine
    corte transversal masculine
    in cross section en sección
    • When the straw is straight, the cross section is a perfect circle.
    • In cross section it is a symmetrical structure of three blades protruding from a central, solid shaft.
    • In cross section, crystals have a compressed diamond-shaped outline.
    • On average, females tend to have greater trouble with certain types of spatial perception - for example, visualizing the cross section of an arbitrary shape that has been rotated to a different facing.
    • The installation was conceived as a cross section of a shape that was outside of the time and place of the gallery.
    • You should now have the blank planed down to a cross section which is an octagon in shape with 8 equal sides.
    • The width and the height of the fiber were measured and the cross-sectional area was calculated assuming the cross section is elliptical in shape.
    • A large convex molding, semicircular in cross section, located at the base of a classical column.
    • As a blade bends, it changes shape: the cross section of an erect stem is circular, while one taken at the bending point is oval.
    • Straight hairs are round in cross section, while wavy hairs are alternately oval and round; very curly and kinky hairs are shaped like twisted ribbons.
    • Incisors and canines are absent, but the anterior cheek teeth are enlarged, triangular in cross section, and canine-like.
    • In the upper half of the shaft, there are sharp anterior and posterior ridges and a less significant lateral ridge, giving a triangular profile in cross section.
    • The shaft is roughly triangular in cross section.
    • With the passage now comfortable walking size, almost square in cross section, I found a rock projecting from the wall that would be our final station.
    • The body form is generally triangular in cross section.
    • The shaft is slender and triangular in cross section at mid length.
    • The end sac is a polygonal chamber, about 150 m in cross section.
    • While most sedges possess triangular stems, its stem is round in cross section.
    • It possesses a long bill that is very stout and round in cross section.
    • Each arm is oval in cross section, averaging 6.2 x 8 mm in diameter.
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    (representative sample)
    they took a cross section of society tomaron una muestra representativa de los distintos estratos sociales
    • a cross section of opinion un amplio espectro de opinión
    • Representatives from a wide cross section of the community will be getting round the table with airport chiefs for the third community and stakeholder conference.
    • This new plan is the work of a wide cross section of clinical staff, patients and their representatives as well as health service managers.
    • This entailed a full day of dialogue with representative cross sections of the Canadian population.
    • A strategy group will then be established comprising representatives from a cross section of parties involved in rural tourism and clear objectives will be defined for the sector.
    • The British Household Panel Study is an annual survey of a representative cross section of British households.
    • He also selected diverse corporate media executives, hoping that the cross section of these media representatives would ensure that any self-interests would cancel one another out.
    • The target regions were strategically selected to provide a representative cross section of the entire human genome sequence.
    • Established over more than 40 years ago, our customer base covers a wide cross section of European and Export military, police and civil customers.
    • This is not a car simply for beefy blokes with big arms to twirl around correcting manic oversteer - it's a car that should appeal to a wide cross section of enthusiasts.
    • I became in charge of running the day and I could see that if I didn't get this day to appeal to a wider cross section, then it would fall into decline.
    • However, training with just one or two people can put you in a rut, make sure you roll with as wide a cross section of the club as possible.
    • The centre is the ideal venue as it attracts a wide cross section of the local community who visit its library, cafe, doctor's surgery, gym and community groups which are all based at the centre.
    • This is part of the Central Bank's attempt to diversify the users of the auditorium to ensure that as wide a cross section of the community gets to use the space.
    • We appeal to a wide cross section of the community.
    • There was lively and diverse debate throughout the day among the wide cross section of groups that attended the conference.
    • It is vitally important that the membership reflects the views of as wide a cross section of the diverse elements of the borough as possible.
    • These visits generate very positive publicity in a wide cross section of important tourist markets.
    • Coming up with a glossary of terms would promote understanding, but limit the expression of vast cross sections of the demographic.
    • What I did do was test a good cross section of available ammo that is identified as match-grade.
    • If the sample taken wasn't a cross section of the people who live in the borough then it isn't representative.