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piquituerto, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkrɔsbɪl/ /ˈkrɒsbɪl/

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    piquituerto masculino
    • Chickadees, crossbills, goldfinches, nuthatches, siskins, and woodpeckers pick the winged seeds out of pine and spruce cones.
    • The forest is, of course, most famous for its ospreys but Peter says the Scottish crossbill, wonderfully adapted for life in the pine forest, is also a local treasure.
    • In turn, the crossbills in the squirrel-less areas have evolved deeper bills, thereby partly countering the cones' defenses.
    • Only slightly larger than a sparrow, crossbills live exclusively in conifer forests where they feed on the seeds.
    • Far off could be heard the warbling song of the red crossbill.