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travesía, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkrɔsɪŋ/ /ˈkrɒsɪŋ/

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  • 1

    (across sea)
    travesía femenino
    cruce masculino América del Sur
    • The first successful crossing by ship would not occur until Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen set out in 1903.
    • The rough crossing in the cold and choppy waters from the U.K. to the shores of North America took 10 days.
    • In fact it was considered too rough even to send the dive centre boat to collect us, so we made the 20-minute crossing by ferry.
    • This resulted in a very wet crossing, with the yacht developing a lot of leaks.
    • He will follow the route of Christopher Columbus's third crossing from Cadiz in Spain to the Port of Spain in Trinidad.
    • She had to abandon her first planned crossing three weeks earlier because of high winds and sea state.
    • Finally, after a leisurely drive north to Portland, we boarded the ferry for the overnight crossing back to Yarmouth.
    • The ferry crossing was sublimely calm and sunny.
    • To get to the coast is at least a day's ride, and the ferry crossing is another day.
    • Another man lost his teeth in the mid-Atlantic on a particularly rough crossing, while being ill over the side of the boat he was on.
    • The ship reached Portsmouth in England after a seven-day trans-Atlantic crossing.
    • So you can see that just picking any old ferry route and the cheapest possible crossing may not necessarily be the best plan.
    • It was a pretty lumpy crossing - force 9 gales and a medium to heavy swell.
    • The crossing was calm and the gentle swaying motion of the ship had lulled him into a fitful sleep in the rest-lounge.
    • There is no bridge, and crossing is only possible by a ferry used to transport illegal timber to Vietnam and Cambodia.
    • The crossing, which consumed fourteen days, was a rough one, but he reached his destination without serious accident in 1880.
    • The crossing to Orkney was unexpectedly rough.
    • The crossing to Trinidad is deep and notoriously rough, as I found out to my cost.
    • Even our mighty warships could only make that crossing in weeks!
    • The 15-minute crossing costs £18.15 return for a car and £2.45 per passenger.
  • 2

    • 2.1(for pedestrians)

      cruce peatonal masculino
      cruce de peatones masculino
      paso de peatones masculino España
      • This rulemaking covers access to public rights-of-way, sidewalks, street crossings and related pedestrian facilities.
      • The crossing should safely assist pedestrians to the Victoria Recreation Ground, as well as to a nearby scout hut and nursery.
      • The regulatory committee also agreed that plans for a proposed crossing should be supported.
      • In order to collect test data, all street crossings will be subject to videotaping.
      • Sadly, no one can stop those who choose not to use the crossings in the High Street.
      • Police are continuing the hunt for the driver of a black Fiat Punto, which knocked Katie down on a crossing in York.
      • One of the worst issues was the crossing on Devon Street.
      • He said they would consider the results but they would be leaning towards providing a crossing on the street.
      • The Government aims to set aside more space on roads and in public places for walkers and cyclists and improve their journeys with better street lighting and dedicated crossings.
      • On a related note, it seems that at last we are looking at a safe crossing for pupils of Parish Church School in the not too distant future.
      • First came the battle between advocates of a short tower and those who wanted a much taller tower over the crossing.
      • This has left the city with a couple of road crossings which are now deemed unsafe due to lack of crossing signals and road configurations.
      • It tells users exactly where they are, and gives warnings about obstacles such as road junctions and crossings.
      • I use this crossing up to six times a day, walking my children to school.
      • Local people who have used this crossing regularly are saying that they cannot recall an accident there.
      • I feel I have to write to take issue with her on the matter of our much needed crossing.
      • I was disgusted by a remark from him when he spoke against a pedestrian controlled crossing, saying most children these days did not know the difference between red and green lights.
      • ‘Drivers are being terribly arrogant at that crossing,’ she said.
      • As a daily user of the pedestrian crossing I have some reservations about my safety, more importantly that of my daughter who uses this crossing twice daily to attend school.
      • Planning officers said that in further plans there should also be provision for another crossing near to the school.

    • 2.2grade crossingBritish level crossing

      paso a nivel masculino
      crucero masculino México

    • 2.3(at border)

      paso fronterizo masculino

    • 2.4(crossroads)

      cruce masculino
      • He admitted building the double line would cause more train traffic at the railway crossings.
      • The barrier at the railway crossing did not function well and the bell did not ring.
      • The two-day initiative is to target high-risk drivers at railway crossings and perform general driver safety and education blitzes.
      • But what we are talking about here is crossing roadways and railway crossings.
      • Yet at railway crossings there are bells and lights when the road is to be blocked.
      • The delays at the railway crossing would be avoided by creating a new link road.
      • Built on a predominantly straight alignment, with no road crossings, the new line also merges with conventional track, cutting travel times to towns such as Nice, Monaco and Perpignan.
      • Because of the slow speeds involved, light railways did not have to have gated railway crossings.
      • If Nebraskans want well-maintained roads and safer railroad crossings, they may have to pay a little more at the pump.
      • Gatekeepers at railway crossings, watchers and other workers associated with track work placed an indefinite ban on overtime on February 14.
      • One could quite reasonably believe that there are a finite number of ways persons could breach the laws regarding railway crossings.
      • Usually, railway crossings work more or less like clockwork.
      • My biggest fear was having to brake, from high speed, for red lights, railway crossings, etc.
      • Posters will be put up at all of the railway stations, railway crossings, access points and known trespass locations.
      • The number of deaths at railway crossings has risen, experts said last night.
      • The fact that the crash happened on a railway crossing has led to immediate demands for a change to the way that the interface between roads and rail are handled.
      • Police have now warned that gates guarding the railway crossing should be kept closed at all times to try to prevent a repeat of the tragic accident.
      • It includes plans to bridge the crossing and introduce a railway station.
      • It centered upon his plan to elevate the tracks of the city's railroads at road crossings.
      • A new economic agreement between the two was signed on Friday and they have pledged to open road and rail crossings possibly later this year.

  • 3

    (in church)
    crucero masculino
    • What survives today as the parish church is the crossing, transepts, presbytery, and ambulatory.
    • Arrived, the Queen was placed in a chair of estate in the middle of the crossing, facing the high altar.