Translation of crossroads in Spanish:


cruce, n.

Pronunciation /ˈkrɔsˌroʊdz/ /ˈkrɒsrəʊdz/

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nounplural crossroads

  • 1

    cruce masculine
    encrucijada feminine literary
    to be at a / the crossroads estar en una encrucijada
    • At the crossroads of a profound and complex political crisis, a new cabinet is finally formed.
    • Thus, without a word of dialogue or a note of music, he has conveyed the change that this woman is about to undergo at the crossroads of her life.
    • But then there was a time when he found himself at the crossroads - mainstream cinema was not accepting him and his versatility was not finding any creative route to expression.
    • Now he finds himself standing at the crossroads once again.
    • With competition from regional clubs becoming stronger every year, they stand at the crossroads as they look to plot their path for a secure future.
    • Last fall, when they were at the crossroads, he went to a conference for greenhouse growers in Arizona and returned with new ideas and techniques on raising tomatoes.
    • It is now at the crossroads of its existence.
    • Her refusal to meet him after working hours sparks off a situation where she finds herself at the crossroads - shall I choose career or self-respect?
    • Well we're definitely at the crossroads.
    • Its amazing: I am at the crossroads of my life again.
    • He has, through his music and work, been at the crossroads of all the major developments in Irish Traditional Music spanning the last three decades.
    • To use a much cited cliche, we are at the crossroads.
    • At age twenty four life really is at the crossroads.
    • Scotland's optoelectronics industry stands at the crossroads.
    • There she sits in her car, at the crossroads of her life.
    • I think today our nation is at the crossroads where a serious reflection on the direction of our policies is a matter of uttermost urgency.
    • Logistics in the automotive industry is at a crossroads.
    • American poetry is at something of a crossroads, and the roads leading there are jammed with traffic.
    • He said that he believes that the industry is ‘at an important crossroads with our customers.’
    • He saw journalism at a crossroads, and urged news directors to take the higher road.