Traducción de crossways en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈkrɔsweɪz/ /ˈkrɒsweɪz/


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    • Personally I go there for the cinnamon toast - cut into thin soldiers piled crossways.
    • One was crossways on the centre of the road and had extensive damage to the driver's side.
    • The wind was one in anyone's favour in the match on the night as it blew crossways.
    • This is faster than slicing the cucumber and bread crossways and assembling each sandwich separately.
    • His very clothing and weaponry seemed determined to hamper him, fabric catching on a nail here, a splinter of wood there, his sword jamming crossways against two beams behind him and pinning him until Michael set him free.
    • This was closed with a stopper composed of several layers of cork with the grain running crossways to reduce porosity.
    • With the cedar logs running crossways over the streams, fish could still get through.
    • Behind them he raised his staff crossways, and all the incoming arrows seemed to shatter in mid air, but a few fell through, and one village fell, transfixed by the shaft through his heart.
    • I was running a little more parallel to the bank, because the soft current was pushing against me, and I couldn't keep the boat altogether crossways.
    • The ute skidded to a halt, crossways over the road.
    • She brought her staff up in both of her hands and held it crossways.
    • The post front sight slides into a dovetail cut from the front of the slide, rather than crossways, and is secured by a roll pin.
    • The girls in my room made the sleeping space bigger by sliding the tiny beds together, and then slept on them crossways.
    • The knife was sticking out next to me, as he was lying crossways on me.
    • The truck finally came to a complete stop crossways on the road blocking traffic from both directions.
    • She woke up laying crossways across her bed, in her dress from the night before.
    • Now, he had added a wicked looking knife, tied crossways on the front of his belt.
    • Suddenly, one of her flankers raised her greatfork above her cowl, held crossways like a horizontal bar.
    • I just had time to lay crossways to it and kick it when all I saw was a brown cloud.