Traducción de crosswind en Español:


viento cruzado, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkrɔsˌwɪnd/ /ˈkrɒswɪnd/


  • 1

    viento cruzado masculino
    viento de través masculino
    • Even a direct crosswind will resolve to a slight head wind.
    • There are light crosswinds blowing off Lake Michigan which may account for some of the plane's erratic movements.
    • This morning, the weather forecast called for really strong crosswinds.
    • That tricky north westerly crosswind was blowing to make things difficult.
    • Differential blowing could also improve control of trailers in crosswinds by helping compensate for the wind direction.
    • Strong crosswinds have no effect on the vehicle's stability.
    • There was a strong crosswind coming from the right that day that affected the left lane more because the right lane was more protected by the guardwall.
    • Forty degrees heat allied to a strong crosswind and the constant and repetitive frequency of the huge number of climbs made it almost impossible to succeed.
    • I like to test balls into a strong crosswind to see how they hold the line.
    • In a match dictated by a strong crosswind the scoreline did not reflect the nature of this duel.
    • Winds were gusting to 25 knots and a crosswind existed.
    • At speed the car is notably refined and proved all but immune to the violent crosswinds we encountered on the launch.
    • It did not take into account crosswinds or turbulence.
    • Turbulence or gusty crosswinds require being immediate with your control inputs.
    • He found bullet deflection due to a crosswind could be solved by adding a wind bar on each side of the crosshair that corrected a 10 mph cross wind.
    • If there's a crosswind, use your heading indicator to establish a wind correction angle.
    • You learn how to cast against the wind, with the wind behind you, or into a crosswind.
    • A slight crosswind changing to a steady tailwind greeted rowers and spectators alike.
    • The heavy rain had left the pitch sodden and a tricky crosswind made the kicking game somewhat difficult.
    • Watch for crosswinds, especially on roads with truck traffic.